Monday, December 3, 2007

T3 店小二

Went for a "tour" at T3 yesterday, and since nothing much was opened, we (mom, dad, me and my 小姨) had to settle for 店小二 again. Just went to the one at Marina Square the previous Sunday. But their menus are different. As in the set dinner and all. As well as some of the dishes. So I ordered fish maw soup with abalone, kang kong sambal, cod fish with superior soy sauce and of course, roast duck.

Dad sayss it looked as though those people are eating behind bars. LoL.

Dad tried to smuggle the menu out cause he claims that is the 武林密集. Faint.

Sambal Kangkong. If you actually see properly, they are actually presented in a way like a beehive. Just keep winding, just keep winding, just keep winding winding winding....

Fish Maw with Abalone!! The waiter asked if need help to serve. I told them no need, I'll serve, so could they waive off the 10% service charge? The head waitress told me that can't, cause they still need to serve me the food from the kitchen to our table. Dotz. I thought I was lame enough.

How can you go to 店小二 without trying their roast duck! We ordered half a duck. This is the 十全大喂烤鸭, but mom doesn't seem to like it. She says the Ginseng one nicer. I find it ok leh. LoL. At least the herbs used are for cleansing my system. No wonder last night I had no rashes. =P

PIANGZ!! This cod fish is nice. DAMN nice. Outside very crispy and inside very smooth and tender. *Slurp* Even the garlic can be eaten whole cause it's so nice!! This is the medium portion. Cause I scared not enough to eat. =)

Although they have many branches hor, I find that waitresses and waiters at T3 are very nice, very jovial and friendly. Better than Marina Square. Maybe cause MS has more people and is smaller. But then T3 one also not small, people also alot. They even have 厢房 if you needed privacy! Our bill for these 4 dishes came up to $108, which is cheaper than what we had at Marina Square. This shows it's better to take Ala Carte instead of set at 店小二, regardless of location.

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