Monday, December 31, 2007

Sedap Nasi Padang! Great Food

First and foremost, a Happy New Year to all!! Today my manager gave us half day off, thanks Cecilia! So I tried to finish all my work and my dad picked me up at about 130pm. My dad brought me and my mom to Hotel Rendezvous for a Nasi Padang lunch.

Mom told me that this was initially just a push cart many years ago. Ever since Hotel Rendezvous renovated, the push cart had turned into a restaurant.

There are many old pictures of places near Hotel Rendezvous, like Beach Road etc. It's nice, not really those posh kind of places, but still ok. It sells Malay food, so please don't go asking for pork.

One of the many decorations in the restaurant. Very Peranakan feel.

The deco.

Dad said the Chendol very nice. Priced at $4.90, I guess it's ok ba. Nothing special, except that it's very fragrant. I had my ice lemon tea. With so many dishes, our bill was only $69.35. OK lah..anyway can't update much. Need to go pick up Nel go watch AVP le. Later can only hug my jacket when I scared. Happy New Year to all!! May wishes all come true!