Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Last Shopping Spree of Year 2007

After having lunch with my parents yesterday, my mom asked if I wanted to go to Mandarin Hotel, cause the Braun Buffel is having the closing down sales. Hmm, why not? Can go there see see look look.

We were there for about 1 hour plus, and initially there weren't many people, but around 5pm, people started pouring in. I got myself 2 handbags and mom bought a wallet, which is the exact same pattern as the one Feng gave me, but longer. -_-" I should say dad bough these for us. Thanks dad! Keke. Mom is now aiming my bag....

The total bill came up to $500+!! Feng fainted when he heard that. LoL. Hey long time I asked anything from my dad ok. Somemore I wanted to pay but he wouldn't let me. He says using debit card very xia sway at a place like that. @#$% Since I wouldn't use the sup card dad got me, he paid for the bags and the wallet. Thank you daddy! ^_^

We went to John Little and Robinsons after that, and we bought a new quilt for me, a new set of bedspreads, a new set of bedspreads for mom, 2 shirts for dad and a tee for Feng. We shopped till my legs were hurting and I couldn't walk properly. Stpid knee giving me problems. Oh yah..and I spent $100+ on a pair of shoes! Keke! My last pampering to myself for 2007.

Total damage for the day..over $1K. LoL. It's really crazy. Think I'll give my mom and dad each $500 for CNY when I get my bonus. LoL. This month bonus...think tomorrow give them another $100 each ba. It's really shiok to go for shopping spree. Wonder why I used to hate shopping so much? LoL.....can't wait for CNY to be here so I can wear my new shoes and use my new bag!!!! Hope I can tahan till then...anyway..Happy New Year once again!

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