Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What Is Your Goal?

Jack asked me what is my goal, cause I seemed unsure whether to study SIM or not. My reply was simple. Earn lots of money and enjoy my life. I want a future where I do not need to worry about money. Where I do not need to be afraid where I am going to get my money in case of emergencies. Where I do not need to pay installments for my TV or sofa or anything.

I can't say my family is rich. But my family is what is described as middle-middle to middle-upper. My parents are both working for government. Had already pensioned and are now working under contract basis with the SPF. The loan to my house was already cleared a couple of years ago. My parents NEVER once paid installments for TV, furnitures or anything at home except the housing loan. Currently the only loan we have on hand is the car loan. But we have just about 3 more years to complete the loan. My dad had loaned for 4 years only. He said he don't want to be in debt for such a long period of time. We never liked to be in debt. I never liked to be in debt.

I don't just know how to enjoy life and spend all my money away. I have savings stashed away. My laptop was bought using my savings, and yet I should still have enough to tide me over emergencies should there be a need. My parents taught me from young how to save. And save I did. And I still get to enjoy life. Going to restaurants for dinner (I liked to be served), driving instead of taking public transport, and buying things without looking at the price tag. (Yes yes, I have a very bad habit of buying things without looking at price tag.)

So my goal is just a continuation of what I am having now. But with the inflation rate, all I want is my pay to inflate as much as, if not, higher than the inflation rate. I want to be able to own a house of my own (with my husband of course), a 4-room flat about 100++ metre squared, to own my own car (to cruise around when I'm angry), to be able to provide my kids with the best (most comfortable bed, piano/violin/sexaphone/tuitions lessons...anything that he/she wants), to be able to help out with the medication/hospitalization cost(choy!) etc etc. Most importantly, I want to be able to go overseas for holiday whenever I feel like it. Be it with my parents or with my guy, I want to be able to go overseas without having to worry too much about money. If I go on this trip to Maldives, will I be able to pay my housing loan, tv/radio license and electrical bills next month? If I go Maldives, will it affect me for the next few months? NO!! I don't want it to be like that.

My aim is still Europe and USA. One day. One day, this trip will be able to be fulfilled. Ya many people said that I'm already very lucky. Thing is I don't want this luck to run out. No. And I don't believe it's luck. I believe that it's the hard work of my parents. Likewise, I want to work hard to have all these. I don't believe in Toto or 4D. Heck I don't even buy. I believe in hard work and working to get myself the things I want. This is my goal. MY goal. To lead the life I am having now. To continue it.....