Monday, December 10, 2007

"Savoury" Lunch

Because I had late breakfast at work this morning, I decided to just drink soup for lunch. Auntie Lee helped me tabao Wanton Soup from the kopidiam at my workplace. I was having lunch at 1pm, drinking my soup and eating the veggies Auntie had asked the person to add for me. Was playing game and drinking soup at the same time when I saw this:

Hmmz. My intial thinking was that might be fried onions. Then on further inspection, I realised that the "fried onion" has legs!! Ekks!

I asked Shannen to help me take pictures cause I HATE COCKROACHES!!!!! *Ptui ptui* Kaoz! Heng I never eat that stupid cockroach man! I went downstairs to the kopidiam with Shannen helping me to carry the soup (I wouldn't want to be near to that insect!!) and confronted the stall. They ti gong initially until I showed them the soup. They wanted to get me another packet but I must be crazy if I still want to drink soup from their store!!!! In the end they returned me my money and apologized. -_-"

Peeps. Don't patronise this stall at 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, Shun Li Industrial Park ok? It's the smaller kopidiam (not 3G kopidiam) and the stall is the one selling roast duck and soup (e.g. 咸菜鸭汤,莲藕排骨汤 etc.). CONDEMN!! Jitao make me no appetite to eat my lunch. Went back office and smoked 3 sticks continuosly to get rid of the stupid taste in my mouth. I even made kopi and milo to "neutralise" the germs! ARGH!! Think I should go drink Sheltox. LoL.

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