Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Marche @ Vivo City

Last Sat I went over to Vivo to buy clothes..and then we were bored, my legs were tired. So Feng suggest we go eat Marche, since I love it so much. So we started queueing at about 7? And we got in like...7+pm..which was rather fast, but then it's only 2 ppl, don't think we need to wait as long as compared to other people with bigger groups.

Gone are the elongated paper cards...and now, it's all just a small card. Everything is so electronical nice...

I like this lamp!! Someone get me this lamp..haha!

From left to right: Plate of mushroom, baby potato and sambal long beans, rosti with snail pork, mushroom soup!
I luuuuurrrrrrvvvvveeeee mushrooms. LoL. But the soup very...creamy, too creamy for my liking till I felt nauseous. The rosti...SHIOK!! I want I want I want...gimme gimme more rosti! Should have ordered 2 rosti...fiak. The baby potato not nice one..rosti nicer.

Just look at his face! Muahahaha!! He dislike sweet and I dislike sour. LoL. But I love sweet stuff! That's his face after eating something sweet...caramel...keke! Ginger beer won't help you to get rid of the taste de lah tootz...

Tadah! Our desert. Crepes with Strawberries and Mango! And mustard. And caramel. And Cinnamon sugar. Keke...I love. But strawberries sour...yucks..

After dinner, we walked around for a while and left at 1020. A wrong choice of timing to leave Vivo. Cause EVERYONE is leaving. I parked my car at level 5!! WTF. I was stuck at the spiral for 20 minutes before I got out of Vivo. And I took 10min to travel from Vivo to ECP to Eunos. And then....

Traffic jam at Eunos. -_-" I was stuck at Still Road towards Eunos for 20min. I got pek cek, so we took an alternative route back home via Bedok. If I were to continue waiting, think I'll reach home after midnight lor! And the whole trip took me 1hr 10min!! FAINT! To think it only took me about 20min to travel there. LoL..I'm a safe driver, don't worry. Liang said before that I'm a not bad driver..keke.. ^_^

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