Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Pics

Just some random pictures...

Handphone or hand chicken? Is this a sign that shows how bad Singapore is with her Chinese?

The graffiti on David's cast. Poor David. Haha..can you see a naked woman?

I'm definitely not complaining. I only love thighs and drumsticks! Apparently this is KFC lah...LoL..who's complaining? Not me for sure. If only they run out of breast meat and chicky wings everyday.... ^_^

Me and my niece, Faith, daughter to Er Jie, my cousin, Vivi.

My niece during her full month celebration, Ue Yukimi Ashley, daughter to ah mei, my cousin, Yeeling. Oh..she's a 1/4 Jap...or something...her dad, my cousin's husband, has Jap blood in him, therefore Yukimi....

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