Friday, January 25, 2008

Workplace EQ

A woman (I presumed), was sacked due to the picture above which she had used as a wallpaper. And she complained it to Stomp. Maybe she found it unfair and just wanted to get rid of her frustrations. But the comments on her story were not exactly comforting. Many had said that she is stupid, lame and childish.

Ok..part of me just want to kelian her. She was fired because of a wallpaper. That's like so boh liao. But when I read finish the words, I would have fired her too if she was working under me. But then, I would give her a warning first ba. Must kelian her abit, cause she was fired before CNY. Damn sianz one. Yes yes, I know what she did was stupid and NOT CUTE, but it was just a wallpaper.

BOTH are equally wrong. Maybe I am not from that company, and therefore I do not know how their discipline system works. I believe if the boss see these and isn't happy, he could give a warning or a lecture. On the other hand, it was wrong for the female employee to put the picture as wallpaper on a workplace PC.

I believe in a workplace, there should be respect between employers and employees. That meant smiling at your boss (even though inside you just wished he/she would drop dead and die), greeting them, never challenging them (unless you have better idea than theirs) and never, NEVER, put up things that can make them lose face infront of visitors. Who knows, there might be visitors walking around the office, looking at every cubicle, and you had to go put this kind of wallpaper and at the very moment the visitor came to your cubicle, you are not around. What they see is the wallpaper which is like complaining about the boss. How would it reflect on the employer..and worse, the company? This, I can't say it's a stupid thing to do, just lack of working experience.

The boss, on the other hand, should respect the employees, cause they, like the boss, are all employees. Boss should either give warning or a punishment. Not to the extent of firing someone. It will lower the morale of the company. Boss, is just a title. It does not give you the authority to insult or to vent your anger on your employees. I always believe in teach. But then every employee is different. A successful employer is someone who is able to boost the morale of the workers, even in the worst state, and to give support. Don't know if this kind of boss exists, but then I do not have such nice boss in my current company though. =P


xinyun said...

mmm, that wallpaper is definitely not cute... goes to show she has some issues defining cute and offensive.

if i was her boss, i would ask her to leave on the spot as well. as a co-worker, i would have probably tell her to change it for her own sake.

Xueyu said...

xinyun: maybe still a young girl experience..