Sunday, January 27, 2008

God's Creation - Men & Women

Was talking to Feng yesterday when he was trying to sleep. It was about 2+am in the morning you see...and I was having too many menses cramps to sleep peacefully, so I didn't want him to sleep peacefully either. =P

Our conversation goes something like this:
Me: Dear dear...wake up
Feng: *Hmm..huh* Yes?
Me: Do you know God created men first?
Feng: Yes yes...go to sleep *turns away*
Me: *Excitedly* Then do you know why He created women?
Feng: MMmmmm...yes yes, can we go sleep now?
Me: He created Man and then realised he could do better, so he created woman!
Feng: *Turns around to look at me with his sleepy eyes* You heard the wrong version....
Me: Huh?
Feng: God created men and the animals first...
Me: Yah..he created the animals and beasts..all the qin shous...
Feng: Anything. Anyway, He created men and the animals, and He saw the man having so much fun with the animals and thought to Himself that is too peaceful and He wanted to introduce chaos and problems to the man's ever-so-wonderful life...that's why He created women. To give men problems.
Me: WHERE GOT!! He created men and animals then realised he could do better!!
Feng: Nopez..He saw the man being too happy and decided to create women so the man could have problems and headaches and get angry with someone.
Me: What know I'm going to put this in my blog. Gonna put saing Feng said that God created men and beasts....
Feng: That's animals..not beasts
Me: Men, beasts, animals...what's the diff?
Feng: Put lor... *laughs to himself and rolls away*

Damn irritating right!! I still think God created men and the beasts first, and seeing the men so full of himself, introduced the women, so he'll mellow down....haha! And I think....stupid Feng is trying to hint that I'm always giving him problems and headaches.....@#$%^&


Aaron Peng said...

Oh my God.

Feng is a very interesting guy to come up with that while being woken up in bed.

You gotta give him some credit :D

Xueyu said...

I still think he's trying to hint something to me..LoL