Thursday, January 3, 2008

You Know It's Time When You..

You know it's time to change a new job/quit when you:-
1. Start dreading to go work
2. Find excuses for yourself to go work (eg. lunch with colleagues, boss/manager/supervisor not in, etc.)

You know it's time to breakup/change a bf/gf when you:-
1. Start finding the voice of your partner irritating
2. Can't stand the sight of him/her
3. Appreciates other people more than you do to him/her
4. Rather spend more money on yourself
5. Would do anything just to irritate him/her

You know it's time to take a break when you:-
1. Dread waking up in your own bed
2. Dread going through another day
3. Dread meeting people
4. Dread doing ANYTHING at all
5. Just want to break down and cry

You know it's time to change a hp/pc when you:-
1. Can't seem to start up the device
2. Can't type anything in
3. Can't send a msg/email
4. Can't see anything on the screen
5. Can see the components of the devices after repeatedly throwing/slamming it on the floor

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