Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Resolutions

Since it's a new year, there has to be new resolutions. New inspirations, new resolutions, new beginning. Well, here goes:-

1. Be nice to my family (includes cleaning my rabbit's cage, washing my own dishes, not talking back to my parents...this is gonna be a hard one.)
2. Curb my temper (I can sense that Feng is laughing his head off. @#$%)
3. Save more money! (Must increase my savings to perhaps $600/mth. Or more.)
4. Earn more money! (Time for a job change? LoL..lobangs anyone?)
5. Slim down (9KG to go.)
6. Do exercise every night before sleeping (I did 20 sit ups before I slept last night. Must slowly increase the number and must do every night! Hope to slim down before Erin's wedding...and be slimmer still for Vera's wedding!)
7. Enjoy life (not that I'm not enjoying life now, but must learn to enjoy life more!)
8. Go on an overseas trip (hopefully to a western country..maybe NZ? I don't mind Japan or Korea too..or HK, although it's almost a smoke free country)
9. Have more class gatherings (At least once a month ok guys?)
10. Think about my studies (What exactly do I want to study? Engineering? Or anyhow? Sigh..)
11. Last but not least..Treat Feng nicer by not flaring up with him when and when I like it (=P)

Well..till the next year comes...I've 364 days left to fulfill these resolutions...what's yours?

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