Thursday, February 14, 2008

7 Random Stuff About Moi

Argh..was reading PLF's blog and saw that she tagged me to write 7 random / weird stuff about myself. Hand itchy..LoL. Anyway the rules are as follows:

# Link to the person who tagged you
# Post the rules on your blog
# Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog
# Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs
# Leave a comment on their blogs so that they know they have been tagged 7 random stuff...LoL..

1. My hair is the most important asset to me. Whoever messes up my hair will get it from me. Period.

2. I secretly wish I can be a F1 racer. But dad says I've to start somewhere, so all I can do now is scream and curse at the other females hogging my lane or drive poorly. This includes males too. =P (B-kor, one day I will have the guts to drive as fast as day... =P)

3. I'm a bookworm. I need to read story books or comics...or even magazines to get myself to sleep. A night without reading will result me in tossing and turning the whole night, and waking at the slightest noise. Yes, buy me more books so I can sleep peacefully and not terrorise whoever is around me.

4. I have a phobia of injection needles. I will cringe and shiver when I see them, even when they are not attached to the syringe. I will avoid all injections at all cost. Had only one experience on blood test. Will prefer medicines forever than injections.

5. I am not afraid of any insects or reptiles or anything icky and yucky, as long as I do not have to touch them. I'm ok with touching reptiles like snakes or lizards. Heck, I love snakes alot that I will put them over my shoulders! Try harder next time.

6. Can see "things". Therefore do not ask me out during the Ghost Festival nor to haunted houses. When I suddenly turn very pale and quiet, you'll know something is near....

7. I had anything bitter and sour. Mom and dad claimed that I 吃不起苦 and that my life is only sweet. LoL. I beg to differ. I prefer my life to be sweet and saltish, although I would prefer sweet to saltish. However I do not eat chocolates and hardly eat them. (Wonder why I'm so fat though) I do not eat ice cream as well. I only eat selected brands and types of chocolate/ice cream.

OK!! I'm done!! LoL. Now to choose the next 7 victims friends to do this as well. *Evil laugh* I hereby tag the following:


Good luck!! Keke!! I will be dropping by soon to check on your 7 random stuff!! Keke...kpo lah me....


Aaron Peng said...

I feel like the only guy in the list of 7 victims err.. friends... i'm honoured!

Will do it when i'm free :)

Xueyu said...

LoL..where got 7 victims..friends lehz! Haha, u dun say I also never realise...keke......