Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 14th - Just Another Day

This year, I will not be going to a restaurant where only couples eat, nor will I look at Feng across the candlelight. Because this year, we are not going for romantic dinner. Last year this day, at this time, I was still at Thomas' Yishun condo, helping him with the last minute flower wrappings, and Feng was looking at me in the stupid cold room. Or was I smoking at the pool waiting for Feng to pick me up? LoL. Anyway, at this time, I was still at Yishun lah.

Still remembered that we went over to Bedok Reservoir to have lunch, cause I wanted to purchase some stuff at Sheng Shiong. Bought cheese cream and headed home. I gave him 2 mini puzzles and that really disappointed him. I seriously did try to do it, but after 30min, I couldn't even put the borders together. Really gave up. But he was sad that I was so inconsiderate. -_-"

I baked a cheesecake while he was doing his puzzle (which he finished in an hour?! Piangz). He claimed that I didn't bake the whole cheesecake for him cause I took 2 slices and gave to my parents. =P I was a very lousy gf last year. But I made up to him by treating him to a dinner the next night!! Grrr...

Last year, he was really a silly guy. He made a reservation at The Secret Garden, and had put the receipt in his wallet, which fell out by accident and I saw it. LoL. When we were there, all the couples were lovey dovey...all except us. We ended the night by going over to Grandlink for DotA. LoL. We were on the rocks this time last year you see...and I almost strayed. My bad. Glad I didn't. =)

This year, it's going to be just another day. This is our 2nd Vday together, and tonight he has to work. So he told me he's going to make up to me on our 2nd year anniversary / my bday (they're just 1 day apart). So tonight...maybe..we'll just have a quiet dinner (or not), and he'll have to go work le. *Sigh*

Oh yah...I received flowers from him le. Keke. Thanks dear!! *Muacks* Thanks for remembering and showing that you still care. Keke. Although I was rather disappointed when you said I will not receive anything this year...but then I saw the flowers I couldn't stop smiling. As for your present hor, according to the Vday tradition, females will receive presents (flowers, chocolates and bears...where my chocolate and bear?) on 14th Feb, whereas the guys will receive the presents on 14th Mar, that is if the female reciprocate. Your present I give in March k? It will be your Vday - cum - 2nd anni present. ^_^


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