Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fast Weekend

This weekend will pass (or rather had passed) rather quickly. I'm at Erin's house right now 1:08am. She's getting married (the Chinese tea ceremony) later. Anyway, on Friday, we (me and Feng), joined some of our usual khakis for a few rounds of DotA. Me and Feng played 3 games in total. Guess who won? =P

Anyway Friday I went home at midnight cause I was going to PSB on Saturday morning to settle my school fees payment. Dad and mom came along and dad wrote a check of $13,043. His heart was breaking as he signed the cheque. He loaned it to me de lah. Anyway think it's because due to the lack of sleep, I signed all the documents and wrote the date as 23rd Aug 2008. Guess I can't wait for August to come. LoL.

After that, we went to Chan Brothers, near the Hong Lim Building at Chinatown there. Supposedly to go see see look look, but in the end, dad paid $1,500 as down payment. Yes!! I am going Hokkaido on 2nd May!! Keke! It's not the same as the one I mentioned earlier. It's highly recommended by the staff there. No, it's not more expensive than the one I saw earlier on. It's slightly cheaper actually. Total is about $2,700++ (inclusive of airport tax) per pax. I will be back on 8th May, just in time to celebrate mom's birthday in Singapore. Guess it's back to the "hotel" for Cinnamon. =)

After booking, we had lunch at the hawker centre there (pics to be uploaded later) and came home around 1+pm, where after trying to fix my stupid comp, I fell asleep at 3+pm. Feng woke me up at 430pm and I got ready, and we headed out to TM for a show. Too bad the show all pretty late and I can't afford the time, so we just had dinner, walked around and went back to my house. We slacked and watched the show, License To Wed till 11+ where I tried to rest for awhile before setting off for Erin's house at 12am. I forgot my way to her house, and got mom agitated (she's like me!! Don't like to go somewhere without knowing the directions). Dad was quiet. Thanks for being the ahmad dad!! I'm here, I've another 2 hrs and 49mins to burn before Jason, her husband, will arrive. That is when I will start to sabo him!! Keke.

Seriously, I would hate to be Jason today. LoL. And everything will end around 4pm on Sun? Where I plan to go home and sleep throughout till Mon, where I will go work and knock off at 1pm. Go home, get myself pretty and go down to Swissotel Stamford to find Erin. Then I'll nua there while I be her PA, answering the calls that are being forward to mine. ^_^ Then bring Justice of Peace to the solemnization area, then wait for dinner to start, have dinner, pack up, go home and sleep till Tues. Wow. My weekend really hectic this week. And next Sat is Mingli's wedding!! Argh..I'm like so broke. Anyone wana sponsor me some cash? Keke!

OK think I go rest my head a little. Really tired liaoz. Ciaoz all!

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