Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hokkaido Japan

Was reading the newspaper just now and saw that Chan Brothers had offer. Since my parents had decided to go in May (to see cherry blossom!!), we are actually looking for packages in May, but to no avail. Finally today I saw that they have departure date for early May!! *Yeah*

I called them and this lady, Mei Ching, answered my call. She was very patient and although her English isn't very fluent, but I understood her. It's a little different from what they advertised though. Prices are as follow:

$2288 + airport tax ($313, subject to change) - ANA night flight, 7 days 5 nights
$2358 + airport tax ($313, subject to change) - ANA morning flight, 7 days 6 nights
$2638 + airport tax ($313, subject to change) - SQ night flight, 7 days 6 nights

This package includes Goryoukaku Tower, Lake Towada, Hachimantai National Park and Koiwai Farm. Their bonus worth $200 includes a 3night stay at traditional Onsen Ryokan (hotspring inn), Akita Mineland Gold Panning, Samisen Music Performance, Hunter's Kiritanpo Hotpot and bringing home of a famous Aomori Apple! LoL. I was looking at their itinerary and seriously, I can't wait for May to come. =P

I wonder why SQ so expensive. If I were to choose, I'll take ANA lor! Cause their inflight food will taste nicer! SQ..all Singapore food lehz. Long time no take ANA. Long time no go overseas!! Sigh..May May...hurry come.......