Friday, February 22, 2008

Honda's First Accident

This accident not caused by my reckless driving, believe me. Sigh. Daddy called me at 6pm yesterday, and I thought he was downstairs at my workplace waiting to pick me up. But daddy asked me to walk home, cause he had met with an accident. Being the unfilial girl, I asked how was the car. *Dotz* Daddy said he's waiting for the tow truck. After a few min, I realised I didn't know the whole story so I called dad. This was his story:

I saw the car infront of me stopping along ECP, so I stop lor. Then behind, I saw this taxi coming very fast. Then I thought to myself 死了死了, cause the taxi very fast. Sure cannot stop in time.

The next thing that happened was *BAM* The impact was very big.

My car surged forward and hit the car infront. Then we got out lor. The car infront says not to worry, all the taxi's fault. Then the taxi blamed it on the car infront. So I just smiled and take photos lor.

Really very saded. This car isn't 1 year old yet lor!!!! Kaoz. Poor car. Stupid taxi!! To all taxi drivers, we know it's difficult for you to make a living. But it's knock off time (5+pm), the road is clear, not wet and weather condition is great. Please don't speed lah!! Especially when traffic is getting heavy, and with the stupid ERP, everyone is slowing down to put their cashcard into the reader, so please drive with caution!! Due to your reckless driving, you had caused inconvenience to 5 people (excluding yourself). You've caused the first car's (who for no reason get "kissed" when he's like stationary for quite some time) driver inconvenience cause he has to bring the car to the workshop to get it fixed. It might take a few days. You've caused the 3 passengers in your car to be late for their appointment or whatever. And most importantly...

You've caused my father to go without a car for 7 - 12 days. Kaoz! Drive properly ma!! My dad was stationary le lehz! Can't you just slow down or something? Because of the car's condition, the workshop people told my dad that the buttock has to be cut away and be fitted with a new one. SEE!!! Uncle, when we hit your cab, you say you depend on the cab for food, and we've to pay you the damages as well as your earnings per day x the number of days your cab is in the workshop. Then us how? Are you going to pay for my dad's cab fare everyday? FYI, we live in Bedok, and my dad's office is at Brani. Somewhere where YOU CANNOT GO IN. @#$%

Dad was laughing when he came home, and I asked him if I can put all this in my blog. He laughed and said OK. He said as long as he is ok, everything will be a small case. Taxi driver uncle, if anything happens to my dad, how will you pay me a daddy? Although my mom is working as well, but daddy pays for the cable tv, the internet, all our credit bills and phone bills. Will you pay? And can you take over daddy's place in our family? Please!!!! Drive carefully! You drive carefully and at an acceptable speed, you'll also be able to drive your passengers to their destination. You drive recklessly and fast, this is what happens. Please lor!! Drive carefully lor!! Seesh!!

The workshop is "loaning" my dad a Nissan Sunny for the period that the car is in the hospital. But dad isn't used to driving anything less than a 1.8L, and he doesn't like Nissan, so the workshop will provide a Toyota Altis to my dad today. Apparently after a few mins at the workshop, there was an accident involving 3 vehicles (again) at the same place along ECP. Kaoz. Please lah drivers, please put your cashcard in the reader BEFORE driving. -_-"

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