Friday, February 8, 2008

收工宴@ Keppel Club

On the last day of work, our company had the 收工 lunch @ Keppel Club. It's slightly further down away from Vivo City. I sat in boss' car because he says fat/big sized people has to take his car. -_-" Damn insulting.

The road in has many humps...damn bloody idiotic. And I can't stand the way my boss drives. Felt abit nauseous whe we reached the club. Went to the Chinese restaurant at the 2nd level. We reached before our manager did, and our manager actually left before we did. She took CTE to Keppel club. -_-"

The things look very grand wor..the service is damn great.

First dish..lou yu sheng. Nice lehz! There's salmon bits and sliced abalone. This dish is vegetarian..except for the abalone and salmon.

Apparently our sister company, Seamax, couldn't wait to huat. LoL

Cold Dish: Jellyfish, roast duck, roast pork, char siew

Vegetarian sharks' fin

Fried prawns with celery. The prawns are very big and fresh. *Yum*

Stewed mushroom with mussels

Of course there are other dishes, but I didn't take anyore photos because I went out for a puff. LoL

The view from the swimming pool in the club. We went for a walk around the club after the lunch, which took 2hrs!

Swimming pool coutesy of Shannen.

Actually nothing to write about this lah...lunch very back to office very busy...then knock off and next day to Msia le! LoL..