Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sick..So Sick

I'm sick. I was down with cough and flu. and now my ears are slightly blocked. And I'm having insomnia. -_-"

And I'm sick of working. Or rather...sick of my boss and my manager. Woke up this morning with dread. I hate my boss and manager more and more each day. Came back to work today, a day later than my other colleagues. They had gotten their 开工红包 yesterday. I brought 2 oranges from home and greeted my boss this morning. Bai nian more like it. And guess what? No ang pao. Colleagues told me the manager and boss made a new rule this year. Those not here during the first day of work will not get ang pao. WTF.

Hello...I went Msia!! Although I could have came back to work yesterday, but you know how many fucking things I need to do at home yesterday? I need to clean, need to fold my clothes, wash clothes, buy stuff..stupid man. I left SG on the 5th, and came back on 11th. You think I got enough time to clean up anything on 11th? Somemore need to bring my rabbit back from the pet shop and bring her go vet. Piangz...where got time?!

Damn it lah..forget it. No ang pao sua sua lor! 要做到这样,我也没办法,谁叫我命苦,是你的手下?SUA LAH!! 不希罕你的 $68. *Ptui*

Fucked up company with fucked up boss/manager. All the employees work so hard you see nothing. Only see the flaws. *Ptui* Early morning scold me cause you bad mood. Chee bye lah! 给狗干啦!Gan dulan...*ptui ptui ptui*

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