Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Day - Belated Post

This year, Feng gave me a surprise. Just the previous night before Vday, he told me there will be no presents for me, not even flowers or whatever. He'll make up to me some day. Will have a dinner somewhere near, so it'll be easier for him to go work. I was really disappointed. So I messaged him telling him that I was very disappointed in him and he had finally showed that he does not care about our relationship at all.

On the day of Vday, at 11am+, someone pressed my company's intercom and Auntie Lily answered. She mumbled to herself that so early send flowers. Everyone was guessing it to be mine. Feeling bitter about the previous night, I told them it might be Shannen's. In the end it was mine. I was really shocked. I wasn't expecting any flowers this year.

My flowers came in this box. LoL. From Far East Flora. That sweet guy. I had "hinted" to Feng that I wanted flowers from FEF cause they look prettier than Noel Gifts' flowers. He really went to order from FEF. ^_^

He ordered my of the few flowers that I will accept..white lilies. I don't like roses you see. Just ask those guys who had given me roses before. LoL. It hurts them (and their pocket) to see me looking at roses in disgust. I hate roses. LoL.

Actually I didn't realise that there was a card until knock off time, when Shannen pointed to a little bag at the side of the box. This is the card..

and this is what it says. Happy Vday to you too you too. =^_^=

My favourite flowers. Apparently this is 'My Fair Lady' from FEF. =) It had been 1 year since I last received flowers. 1 year and 1 day to be exact.

During lunch, I received a call from Feng and he asked me if I was having lunch. I replied yes, and he asked if I was in the office. I answered yes. He told me to go out, he has a surprise waiting for me. Excitedly I went out.

I was greeted with this. A cake. My favourite cake: Tiramisu.

Ain't it a pretty sight? It even came with a fork and a spoon, as well as a knife and servettes. Feng had thought of everything.

He didn't want to let me take a picture of him cause he was angry. He told me that he wanted to make me a tiramisu and had went from Bedok to Katong, searching all the available supermarkets for the ingredients. Poor dear didn't even had the chance to sleep after he knocked off at 8am that morning. I'm sorry for doubting that you'll not give me anything. =(

OK I'm a flower idiot. I'm a sucker for flowers. LoL. Pretty right? Shannen says it looked like the same bouquet I received last year. Nopez. Last year was a bigger bouquet, but the flowers aren't so pretty though.

Can't stop taking photos with the flowers...haha =P

This is the spot where I always place the flowers, until they wilt that is; next to my bed on the night table. Where I can always see the flowers last thing before I sleep and where I can see my flowers first thing I wake up.

Getting ready to go out for our dinner. We did not make any reservations at any fancy restaurants, so I called Mongkok HK cafe at White Sands to reserve a table for 2. =)

Waiting for Feng. He woke up at 730pm and came down at 745pm. A record for him!! He always likes to drag and drag..but first time he's so fast.

He's still pissed. LoL. Ok ok..I know it's my fault. He says I'm hard to please. I want surprise, but yet scold him when I thought I'm not getting anything. He can't tell me yet he feels like telling me. The poor dear. LoL.

My beef horfun. Not bad leh..but couldn't finish.

His fried rice with minced pork. Also not bad, although I prefer my beef horfun.

Sweet and sour pork. This is the best man!! LoL. Although I still prefer the one at Kallang Leisure Park. ^_^ Maybe someday bring him there to eat ba..

Anyway we sat at the HK cafe until 10pm and left for his workplace. And not wanting to part, I made him smoke with me till 1050pm before letting him go. And then I went home. I was so tired I didn't wash hair and left it till the morning to wash. This year, I learnt what is love. I realised I still love him. Vday doesn't mean we have to go to some fancy restaurant. Love doesn't mean we have to talk mushy everyday or even on Vday. Love means we can feel at ease with each other, yet at the same time, have adoration for one another. Dear, I love you. Thanks for the wonderful night.

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