Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Avoiding Boss Or Hate The Job?

I was so happy to receive the news of me getting into year 2 of Degree in Business (Marketing and Management) that I dread going to work more and more. Every morning I wake up, I try to find excuse not to go work. Yesterday I took MC and I slept the whole day. I was partially sick. Dr Dina told me that my phelgm are all stuck at my throat, that's why I will vomit after coughing.

Yesterday I felt very shiok!! Woke up at 8+am and messaged Shannen that I won't be going to work. Then I went back to sleep and woke up at 10+am instead. Nua-ed infront of the TV till 1pm before I went to see doctor. LoL. Really long time no such life already.

I don't know if I'm avoiding my boss or it's just because that I hate my current company/job more and more. Everytime my phone rings at work, I will jump up and check if it's from my boss. I dread listening to my phone ring at work. It had affected me that much. Everytime my boss opens his office door, I will get a feeling of dread and the feeling will only pass when he walks away. Sigh. Traumatised liao leh. So much so till I really hate stepping into the office if I knew my boss is around. ARGH!! Going crazy liaoz.

Ever since I 开工 last Wed, I had been scolded for every little thing that I did, mainly my emails. Really lor. Very sianz one lehz. Wed kena scolded, Thur kena scolded, FRI ALSO!! The Friday one is really the ultimum. I told my parents and they told me to treat my boss' scoldings as xiao gao. My parents even asked me if he 更年期 or not. I told Feng the same story and Feng was so worked up that he walked faster and faster, till I reminded him that I was the one kena scolded, not him. Feng said my boss too 蛮不讲理 already. The first person I asked was Huiling, and Huiling told me I wasn't in any wrong. Sigh. Really anything also can scold me. WTF.

My boss told me on Wed that I'm not suitable for this job..and he asked me to tender my resignation letter. All because I typed too fast and had requested from my China QC to amend the specs instead of test data. And my 2nd email I had typed test date instead of test data. Dotz. Thurs he says my email to China colleague is not detailed enough (just because he don't understand). Fri...haha! I wrote to my customer as follow:
Dear XX

Please see attached for the order confirmation and delivery date. Please also check for errors. If there is no reply, the order is considered as accurate at time sent.

Please, especially, check for the delivery address.

Thank you.

Isabelle Bang
Tel: +65 6AAA AAAA X AAA
Fax: +65 6XXX XXXX

Boss screamed at me saying that I'm not a lawyer. Why my emails are so difficult to understand. (Why don't you blame yourself for being sucky at English?) He also told me that if I continue to write in this way, I will not have a job anymore. (Is this considered as threatening? Cause I really feel threatened) I don't see anything wrong with me writing this way. Really dotz.

Sigh..how huh? Now I really no mood to work and I really dread coming to work. Feng called me just now, asked me if my boss got scold me today or not. My reply was: Not Yet. Going bonkers soon.....

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