Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dinner @ Seafood Paradise

Reserved for XY

I had reserved a table for 5 at Seafood Paradise. It's located at Swee Hin Building, 91 Defu Lane 10. Why? It's a small pre-birthday celebration for me, as well as my parents' 27th wedding anniversary. Yes yes, I was born 1 day after their 1st year anniversary. Oh yah, it happened that today is the 2nd year anniversary of me and Feng. LoL. Anyway, I'd been to this restaurant before, many freaking years ago, to celebrate Wei's birthday, and I found the food to be not bad, so suggested to come down here for dinner tonight.

Of course, a trip to seafood paradise would be wasted if we didn't order seafood isn't it? As the Alaskan crabs were sold out, there was only the normal crab. We ordered 2 big ones (which they say is 1.1KG and above each). And ordered some other dishes.

Sometimes, I swear that my phone's 3.2mp camera is much better than my 5.1mp digi cam. Seriously. The pictures are blur!! Even after I activated the anti-blur. Anti-blur my foot...oh yah, these peanuts are nice wor. LoL. Feng finished most of it

Don't know why but I like to take the pictures of the utensils and the wet tissues...something wrong with me..

Mom and dad, happy 27th wedding anniversary! It's not easy to maintain a relationship/marriage for that many years, may you guys be still so loving for the rest of your lives! Love you!

My aunt, the fav sister of my mom. Mom loves to ask her out for dinner or lunch or shopping. She's my 阿姨 but I always call her 姑姑, from young. LoL. Cause that's what most of my cousins call her, (their fathers are my mom's brother) and I didn't like to be too different from others.


If you see properly, that's me and Feng. He was fooling around with my cam.

Since it's my birthday on the 26th, I ordered mian xian. Mom used to cook mian xian for my birthday every year. Either that or we'll dine out and order mian xian. Mian xian represents long life. And it's auspicious to have it on birthdays. Not bad lah, mom likes it more than me. ^^ For someone who loves noodles more than rice or anything else, I don't really like this. Maybe it's just nothing special, same as outside tze char everywhere. Doesn't taste especially nice..although the picture of this dish is so much nicer in the menu. =P

This is spinach with 3 eggs; normal egg, salted egg and century egg. This is a very simple dish, and mom chose this over their signature dish, broccoli with scallops. It was not a wrong choice. I have no idea how to describe this dish, except it had me wanting for more. Mom's description was:" Not oily, not saltish. Just the way veggies should be."

Another heavenly dish. The prawns in fruitti platter. The prawns are dipped in batter and fried till crispy. The prawns are fresh and you can taste the crunch of the prawn meat. The sauce isn't too sickening and is just sweet to the nice portion. All of us loved this dish. And the fruits are not too sour. Yum yum!! My aunt actually use this sauce to drizzle on her mian xian!

Don't really like this though. Named the pheonix golden dragon or something, it's just fish cake with chicken skin, as quoted by my aunt. It's supposed to be crispy, but somehow I was a little disappointed. Not as crispy as I thought it would be. The keropok was nicer than the chicken fish cake. LoL. Oh well..

The main dish that we were waiting for and looking forward the whole night!! CRABS!! Chilli crab! Ordered 10 fried buns to go with it. After waiting for 1 HOUR, the chilli crab wasn't what I really expected it to be. Maybe I'm too used to my mom's chilli crab, or Jumbo's chilli crab, so when I ate this, there's no sweetness added to the sauce. Just the stock used to boil the crab, I guess. Maybe that's what they call 原汁原味, but the crab was superb!!

The meat is tender and sweet!! I can actually taste the sweetness of the crabs! This shows how fresh the crabs were lor! And the's big! *Drool* The sauce goes well with the bun though. First time I shell my own crab and I'm proud of it! Keke.

I heard so many reviews about this and decided to order it. This is the creamy butter crab. Or something along that line. Well, it's creamy, but not buttery at all. In fact, mom, dad and aunt found it a tad too sweet. It's either we're not used to eating this flavour, sucks. I prefer to choose the first one. Cause after tasting continuously, it actually IS nice.

It's their signature dish afterall. How to say not nice? But then it could have done with more butter. I feel as though I'm licking condensed milk off my crab shells. It has garlic and a little peppery butter taste. Saded. This cooking is way off my list. No way am I gonna try this anymore. I'll stick to chilli crabs and black pepper crabs. This is a disappointment, esp after I read the reviews. Sigh.

The whole dinner took us about 2hours. 30min of eating non-crab dishes, 50min of waiting for the crabs, another 40min to eat the crabs, clean up and pay. WE ARE ALL DAMN FULL LOR!!! Can't walk after the dinner. Oh, me and Feng shared a bowl of rice..LoL. Total bill came up to $178+. Dad was surprised that there was no service charge. Hmmz...not bad huh. And the parking's free too!! Go try ba, if you're free. Can't remember the number I called, but if you're going down during a weekend, make sure you get a reservation first! OK, me going sleep le. Nightz! *Burp*

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