Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Marbled Taj Mahal

Remember that I mentioned in previous post that Eugene made me a tiramisu? Well, the cocoa powder has to be sifted onto the cream before consuming and I swear I searched the whole kitchen, but was unable to find the sift. So I did something.

A plastic bag with holes does the same job. LoL. Innovation. When you're desiring for something and have nothing else to do, ideas will pop up. I like to make my life easier..that's why...

And it does the same job as the sift too! Fine cocoa powder resting on my tiramisu...time to eat!!

And it tastes heavenly. Once it is frozen enough that is. LoL. Can I have another piece now that I've finished mine? Looks nice right?

Anyway, me and Feng met up with Thomas and his gf, Melissa, last Friday for dinner. Went to pick him up and we headed down to Serangoon Gardens for dinner at Cafe Cartel. And since Thomas just came back from India, he bought me something..

A box? LoL. Very Indian box with the elephants and all....but what's inside?

Taj Mahal of course. So nice of Thomas. He's my jiemei ma! That's why whenever he goes overseas he'll buy some souveniers for me. LoL. Thanks!

When I got home, I studied the material and wondered what it was made of. And I realised it was made of marble. Real marble. Those heavy stones that people liked to put on their tables. Yupz! Wonder how the hell do they carve until so detailed.

Anyway Thomas treated me and Feng to dinner, and he didn't want to accept out money. He says it's an early birthday treat from him to me. Thanks jiemei!! *Hugz* So sweet!

Anyway, today is the 2 years anniversary of me and Feng. TWO FUCKING LONG YEARS TOGETHER. It had been tough. It IS tough. But I'm loving it. LoL. And tomorrow's my birthday! And I'm on leave tomorrow...and tonight, my parents, my aunt, Feng and I are going to have dinner at the seafood restaurant at Defu Lane. LoL. Updates again..ciaoz

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