Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lunch @ Black Angus

First and foremost, thanks everyone for their wishes, although I know many of you are reminded by the Friendster birthday alarm, but then you took the effort to type me a sms. LoL. Thanks! And to those who ACTUALLY DO remember, thanks for remembering!

Anyway, poor Feng slept abt 3hrs this morning, cause I woke him up at around 1040am, cause we have a lunch date today. He knocks off everyday around 7+am you see. I dilly dallied awhile before going to bathe, and oh yah, did I mention that Feng gave me something that I wanted? Polo Ralph Lauren's big horse tee!! Keke! But he bought XL, which I told him won't suit coz it's big. He says it looks nice, so this morning, I cut away the tag and wanted to wear out today. After bathing, I don the polo tee, and seriously, FOUND IT TOO LONG. So I called him at 1150am (I was looking at my SCV top, which has a digital clock) and asked him if the tee can still be exchanged if I had cut the tag off. He was like," WHAT! Why did you cut the tag off!" After complaining, and screaming back at him, and realising that HE JUST WOKE UP, he told me he'll call Polo Ralph boutique and ask and he's going to get ready now. LoL. So I nua-ed at home and picked out another polo tee to wear.

He picked me up close to 1pm, and we took a bus down to Orchard. T-H-E J-O-U-R-N-E-Y W-A-S D-A-M-N L-O-N-G. LoL. But I'm trying to change cause SOMEONE said that I always take cab when I don't drive. LoL. So took a bus down. Reached Orchard and we were too hungry, so went to have our lunch first.

We passed by Borders and saw this little creature trying to climb the glass. Hmmz..quite a cute thing. Feng was trying to imitate what the little thing might be thinking.

"Let me in! Don't stop me from getting my knowledge!"

Seriously, if I'm the little thing, I would be saying this instead:

"LET ME IN! It's freaking hot out here!!!!" =P

Apparently Black Angus at One Fullerton had closed down, and they have another branch (the only one left) at Orchard Parade Hotel (where the old Devil's bar used to be). We sat inside cause I was practically melting (me is 见光死 one) and I like what I see.

Very western, and the paintings all have cowboys on it. It's cosy and they gave us a booth for 4 to ourselves. Nice place..some place where I don't mind going if I strike's an expensive place...

Feng asked me if I wanted to take pictures of EVERY page of the menu. Well, not really. Just the pages that I am ordering from. You can see, the prime rib steak cost a freaking $39.90 for 8oz. And that, is like one of the cheapest pricing. I was aiming the rib eye steak, but it cost $40+. *Faint* I ordered a set lunch (which comes with soup/salad and a side dish for your steak) and no drinks. Feng wasn't very satisfied with the service there though. He finished ordering his steak, but not the appetiser, and the guy just took away Feng's menu. -_-" LoL. In the end he just pointed the appetisers from my menu when I was ordering. I chose the soup of the day, which is clear vegetable soup, while Feng chose coleslaw.

OK...I'm bored. And I find these bottles cute. So much easier for you to use it. Just grab the handles. Anyway, the prices are really expensive. The cakes are like more than $10/slice. Really faint. Keke. Nice place..but Feng was complaining and complaining, saying the service not very good. =P

Tadah! Guess what's this? of our appetiser. Too bad they do not have escargots....

Our appetisers. Eh..Feng say the one on the right looks like roti john. -_-"

It's actually Wild West Onion and Cheesy Garlic Bread.

It must be a BIG onion to be able to do this. It's all still joined at the bottom!! And it's crispy, and nice..and the sauce complements the fried onion, which I think is nice when eat on it's own. Never had anything like this..and we didn't get to finish this!! We were too full by the

"Roti John" is actually a cheese garlic bread which tastes heavenly. I cut the bread into 2 and took the bigger piece. Keke! It was just that nice. But it has to be eaten hot, cause once cooled down, the bread is a little tough and the cheese+garlic isn't that fragrant anymore.

Feng was VERY disappointed by his coleslaw. VERY. It's just a plate of white cabbage and carrots topped with mayo sauce? And he niamed me, saying why this kind of place give this kind of food. It's supposed to be higher class than Cafe Cartel but the presentation and the taste is worse than KFC. LoL.

But he was wow-ed when I asked him to try my veggie soup. It was heavenly! Seriously, the whole meal, I felt as if I was in Heaven having stuff that only immortals eat. It's nice lor! First time in so many years that I do not touch the salt shaker! But then it's not a clear soup. It's actually sort of creamy, with corn bits and spinach inside. Me like..

Then just as Feng was simmering down, something happened again. The waiter came to clear my soup, and asked Feng if he can clear his salad as well. Feng replied that he is still eating, but that guy took away his plate. Feng was a little pissed and said that guy just took away his $10 worth of salad which he could have bought at other places for more quality and quantity. Something like that. The part about him saying the guy took away $10 worth of salad is true, the latter was just something I added. =) Feng said that the steaks better amaze him or else. Hmm..

This is my prime rib steak, medium rare. Looks more like rare. LoL. But this is not grilled. And the texture? WOW I tell you. It's tender and the fats are tender too. There's no chilli sauce or tomato sauce to go with the steak, cause you're supposed to taste the beef, not the sauce. The black stuff is the sauce to go with the prime ribs. I let Feng try and he fell in love with it. He was speechless as I did after tasting the first bite. And for a 8oz, it sure is a big portion. Feng asked me if I ordered pork, cause the tenderness is equivalent to a pork's meat. It's that tender. Kudos to the chefs. It's really nice.

The potato is nice too!! With the generous amount of sour cream on top. And what is a complete meal without veggies? The broccoli is big!! Scared me. But I guess ang mos always eat like this. In huge portions. Oh yah. The steak is actually cooked on the underside and raw at the top as it's roasted and not grilled. It really sort of melt in your mouth. It's that great. That is until I tried Feng's rib eye steak...

Feng's rib eye served with crispy haystack onion string, fresh vegetable and mashed garlic potato. After I tasted his ribs, I couldn't eat my steak anymore! Maybe I prefer something with more beefy smell. The prime ribs steak doesn't have any beefy smell at all. And Feng's steak was so tender!! And normally when we order steak, or rib eye in this case, they usually come with sauce; black pepper, mushroom or butter. But this doesn't! It is served plain and what you see is what you get. You really get to taste the beef. Shiok man!

I suggested to Feng that I exchange half my steak for half of his. Which he did. And which near the end, I returned him another half of my half steak. Err, in short, the whole meal he ate 1 and a half steak. 3/4 of his rib eye and 3/4 of my prime rib. I was just too full!! I couldn't even finish my own broccoli!! Oh, I did managed to finish my baked potato though.

The total bill came up to $123.80 for 2 appetisers and 2 main courses. Expensive right? But it was worth it. Feng said he had never tasted such nice steaks before. It was heavenly. Really. Next time...the next time I tio toto or 4D, I'll treat him back. Maybe the next time, we won't order the friend onions (which we left 1/4 of it untouched), and Feng won't order the coleslaw. LoL. SHIOK!! Was so full until I didn't eat my dinner!

After lunch, we went Coffeebean at the Forum, where I bought a cup of tea (eat so much fats, must drink tea, so won't feel so queasy) and we sat down and started a game. Feng from today onwards, will ask me questions about him, anything about him, and I've to answer. And if I don't know the answer, he'll tell me and I'll learn more about him. Something happened on our 2nd year anniversary you see..keke. Likewise, I can ask him too. We sat at the Coffeebean until 3+ or 4pm, and slowly walked over to Polo Ralph at Paragon to change the tee. I changed to a L size and I realised the tee doesn't cost $169!! It costs $175!! OMG. Dear really spent alot on my birthday this year..$175 + $123.80 + $60 = $358.80!! That's excluding my birthday cake. Argh! Dear, you might as well just don't buy all these and just get me a Tiffany & Co bracelet? LoL. Joking!!

Went back home at about 5pm, and we took MRT. His favourite transport. My least favourite. And I was melting again. I hate going out before the sun has set. LoL. Got home around 630pm, and Feng left my house, called and said I MUST have a birthday cake since it's my birthday today. I told him to buy a small one around my neighbourhood. 7pm came and I thought he went home to sleep le, so went to bathe. That is until I came out and saw a Prima Deli chocolate cake. The silly guy went all the way to Bedok interchange and bought this cake for me. How not to love this guy you say? Anyway, thanks dear for everything you had done and all the things you had given. You could not have made my day any know. Anyway, I wana thank you for everything. I really enjoyed myself these few days. Thanks dear!

OK..these few days keep eating good food, now is time for me to diet le!! time...time to do my sit ups..which I had "forgotten" to do since the 4th day of the new year? LoL. Diet time le lah!! Thanks everyone for making my 26th (yes I'm old) birthday a memorable one! Especially to dear!!

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