Monday, March 31, 2008

My Presents

Sorry for the lack of updates. Really having a mental block. Anyway since nothing much to update, let me just update what my friends had given me for my birthday.

From Eugene and gf, Baoyan (his gf shared the lamp), the lamp with a yellow shade and a tiramisu.

Thank you Eugene and Baoyan.

From class E009 + Bryan, red egg (Chinese custom to have red eggs on birthdays), a pen (for the student-to-be), biscuits (just for fun?), a toy car (for a car lover), a banana (my nickname) and $60 Times Bookstore voucher.

Thank you Alvin, Bryan, Chan Yeh, Chiang Hui, Eugene, Huiling, Jack, Jacky, Suefong and Weiliang for these and the Angie Choice bday cake.

From Feng, a Polo Ralph Lauren big pony polo tee, lunch at Black Angus and a birthday cake from Prima Deli.

Thank you Feng.

From my colleagues from Fair-Rite, a necklace from Helen.

Thank you auntie Lee, Beeling, Eileen, Lily, Shannen, Sharon, Tommy and Xana.

From Shannen, the naughty boy lamp with blue shade (yes, it's almost the same as Eugene's lamp, but has a clock in the middle). Shannen says she bought this at the beginning of March. LoL.

Thank you Shannen.

Of course not forgetting to thank Thomas for his dinner and dad for the birthday dinner at Seafood Paradise. That's all I guess. Anyway, I gotta run. 45 emails today. This is crazy. Think I got out of the wrong side of the bed today. Start of a very sway day...........

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