Monday, March 17, 2008

Something Captured My Attention

Friends who know me...knows that I love cars. But I'm not crazy until I want to learn what is for what. As long as I know what is side skirt, spoiler, CAI (cold air intake) and some other easy stuff, I'm satisfied. As long as I know how to spot a Honda from a Hyundai, or which brand Camry or Mark X or even RX-8, I believe it's sufficient for me. For one..I'M NOT SELLING CARS ANYMORE. LoL. ex colleague from my previous company (which I had only worked 9 days..haha) asked if I want to sell cars again on a part time basis, maybe Sat and Sun. Well, I shall consider again when I started studying and really need the cash. But then...Turf City? Travelling to there is rather difficult. And I have to wear makeup for the whole day. And know something about the OMV, COE and stuff. Hmmz..I shall really consider it again. But for now, let me indulge in my hobby of collecting toy cars.

Tadah!! My latest toys. I've cars 1 - 3. Everytime I get one, mom says I'm like a child who had gotten her first toy. LoL. Ferrari lehz! And they go zoom zoom!! So nice! I still prefer the first one, F40. Don't really like the 3rd one, look so antique. Keke. 4 more to go!! Actually, Shell has 8 Ferraris in total. The 8th is a yellow Ferrari, which you can purchase if you buy 4L Shell Helix, which sadly, my dad says he doesn't need until June, which, by then, the Ferraris promotion will be over le. Anyone changing engine oil? Help me buy the yellow Ferrari lehz..

Another thing that has been capturing my attention while playing Facebook, is a game which actually requires you to think. Yes yes, I do use my brains. Once in a while. When needed. Anyway, got bored of Facebook applications..after some time. But this can stimulate my brain, so why not?

You guys go add and play lehz. Who has the biggest brain? This application really test all aspects. You can play daily. Apparently I'm not very good with visuals. I'm supposed to be more logical than anything. I? Go try!

Anyway yesterday went Popular bookstore and a book caught my eyes. I know it's a very old book, but the stuff inside are rather interesting. The book? Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps: How We're Different and What to Do About It. Read a few pages and inside, it claims that men can't multi-task (Feng agreed totally) and women can spot anything but the wall/car behind their own cars. LoL. This I don't really agree, cause apparently my dad can't spot the pole behind the car, that's why he had smashed the car into the pole while reversing before. Haha! Nice book..and since times bookstore gave me a 20% discount for my birthday, I shall buy this book this weekend! And not forgetting...Sophie Kinsella, author of Shopaholic series, has a new book!! Keke..can't wait for Fri to come!!

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