Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Life According to Ba Zi

Was actualily looking for a birthday converter, to convert our birthdays into Lunar birthdays, but I ended up here and decided to play a little. I know what time I'm born and the name I had put the one on my birth cert and IC. And guess what? I'm more yang than yin, that explains why I prefer cars to clothes. LoL. And maybe that also explains why I'm so egoistic.

Birth Element
Since you are a strong yang Earth, you don't want to be too overly strong otherwise, you will not be able to control yourself.

Thus, you should increase yourself with your favourable elements as follows.

Favourable Elements
Most Favourable Element
Colour: white/gold
Favourable Element
Colour: green/brown

Unfavourable Elements
Most Unfavourable Element
Colour: red (Next CNY I'm so not going to buy red)
Most Unfavourable Element
Colour: yellow (I cannot wear yellow!! LoL..)

Your personal objects / dressing
ie shades of colours:-
Metal - white/gold
Wood - green/brown

Your career
ie a Job favourable for you are:-
Metal - Accountancy, Banking, Investment, etc
Wood - Engineering, Filming, Hospital, etc

Overall Big Luck Summary
This shows you only a very brief look at whether luck is with you in a 10-year period. Usually, whether or not luck is with you or not, does not really give you a true forecast of how you luck is defined each year. For that forecast, you need to see the 5-yearly, yearly, 6-monthly luck changes, particularly how each the 6-monthly's luck changes. This isn't a true forecast. All it shows if you are a person born with silver spoon (ie very fortunate or not). For full detailed luck analysis, will only be shown in the full detailed analysis.

1988 - 1997 (Age 6 - 15) Luck with you
1998 - 2007 (Age 16 - 25) Luck with you
2008 - 2017 (Age 26 - 35) Wealth Luck with you
2018 - 2027 (Age 36 - 45) Wealth Luck with you
2028 - 2037 (Age 46 - 55) Wealth Luck with you
2038 - 2047 (Age 56 - 65) Luck with you
2048 - 2057 (Age 66 - 75) Luck with you
2058 - 2067 (Age 76 - 85) Luck with you
2068 - 2077 (Age 86 - 95) Luck against you
2078 - 2087 (Age 96 - 105) Luck against you
2088 - 2097 (Age 106 - 115) Luck against you
2098 - 2107 (Age 116 - 125) Luck with you

Of course, I can't show all..and I don't believe I'll live to age of 125. That's way too long! Maybe I'll get cancer at age 86 and die. LoL. It shows me my 4 Good and Bad Direction, my best sleeping position and my best Working position. This is just for fun. Cause I know I'm not a very lucky girl. I have my ups and downs, sometimes downs more than ups. And it states that wealth luck is with me, but why I don't feel wealthy lehz? I'm still poor. LoL.

Give it a try. It did state my lunar birthday correctly though..these things, don't believe too much ba. Just listen for the sake of listening, don't get to obsessed with it!

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