Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stupid Weather = Stupid Headache

Recently the weather had been so horrible! The weather is so hot, the sun is so bright, even at 845am in the morning! You see, I walk to work. And this morning, when my mom turned off my aircon at 740, I was beginning to perspire within 5min. Woke up and went to prepare myself, even wore something that is thin. BUT THEN...when I stepped out of my block, I wished I was home in my bedroom with my aircon. IT IS HOT.

Last night, at 7+pm, my room was at 29 degrees even with my fan on!! HORRIBLE!! Whole of last week I was having headache and migraines. And after a few days WITHOUT headaches, I was happy. That is until now. I'm having migraine again. Stupid weather. By the time I reached office, I was perspiring buckets! Argh!! With the outside weather so hot, and my office so cold, it's no wonder I'm abit dizzy. Shit.

This is just some non-sensical grumblings. Will update later if headache isn't that painful and distracting.

PS: The pic was drawn by me in facebook.

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