Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fried Plastic Food

My friend sent me this. Apparently in Malaysia, some of the hawkers selling fried stuff are adding plastic stuff (straws, bottles) so that the goreng pisang will still be crunchy after some time. *Yucks* Sorry to say this, but I thought these are the things only China would do.

Before you guys yell at me saying that I discriminate China, well, I have proof. It was broadcasted over the news every now and then. These are the few that I remembered:

- Soy Sauce made out of human hair (living or non-living, I can't really remember)
- Real wax was used to coat the duck(腊鸭) and sausages(腊肠) during Chinese New Year instead of edible wax
- Normal apples were pasted with "Fuji Apples" stickers and sold at high prices

Apparently many of the Malaysia's hawker are learning these "clever tricks" to reduce their loss, cause who would want to eat soggy goreng pisang? But putting a plastic bottle to melt inside the oil, so that it would coat the goreng pisang is bad for health! I mean, by melting the plastic, you are actually introducing toxic fumes all over and making us eat the plastic?! Hello, we're not recycling bins!!

So a word to those who like to eat fried food in Msia, make sure they fry the stuff infront of you and that the oil is clear or something. Or best of all, don't eat from dubious stalls. It's your health at stake.

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