Thursday, May 15, 2008

2 Years and 2 Months

2 years and 2 months exactly today. Time and tide really waits for no man. These 2 years had passed very fast. This had been my 2nd home. And like my real home, sometimes I love to be there, and sometimes I just wana get out of there. Yes, I'm employed in this company for 2 years and 2 months. Exactly. And in another 15 more days, I'll be out.

On 14th March 2006, I came over to this company for an interview. I was jobless for 6 months after my last paper. SIX fucking long months. Friends around me had gotten lucky. I came over for an interview in the afternoon, after a shop nap, as I had went for a 2nd interview at HP earlier in the morning. I was feeling tired. But after 30min of interviewing, I was hired. On the spot. I was elated. I mean, I can save on the transport! It's just 15min walk away from home. Nice.

Now..2 years and 2 months. Sometimes I really do wish the workplace is further away, so I will be able to take a cab. To take a cab to work from my place is equivalent to making one big round from TP to St Hilda's and back. It's that boh liao. I'd walked to work everyday. 15 more days..just 9 more working days. And I'm out of here. Class starts on 3rd of June. I'll take a new route to school for another 2 more to Shun Li Ind Park. A new road for me to cross.......

Just...some random thoughts.

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