Friday, May 16, 2008

Why You Didn't Shut Down & Off The Aircon?!

Yesterday, my team leader, Xana called me at around 8pm. I was having my dinner then. And she sounded angry. Make that very angry. During the 2 years+ I was with this company, she had never used that tone to talk to me before. Even when I'd made a serious mistake, she'll only use a stern voice to teach me and tell me where I had gone wrong. Yesterday, the tone she used on me was the tone she used on when scolding our China colleagues or scolding the courier who had refused to pick up goods. Damn angry.

"Belle. This is your mummy here. Are you the last one to go? Why you didn't shut down & off the aircon?! Manager called and said everything not off! She called me!"

FYI, shut down the system, not my pc. DUH. We have to shut down the system everyday and of course, the aircon.

OK let me analyse the situation, cause early in the morning Xana came in with a very black face. REALLY black face and started talking angrily. She's my "mummy" leh, don't like her to be angry cause that means I've to siam her until she cools down. Anyway, back to analysing what happened last evening:

- I went to pantry and toilet at 1759 (I checked out the time cause wana see how long I can dilly dally before dad picks me up). I washed my cup and went to take a piss. I came out and told Tommy that I'm going to turn off the lights at our store. Came back to office, found everyone gone except Shannen and Liwei(at least to what I noticed), who were waiting for me. My PC is off, so we went off. I didn't noticed that the aircon was NOT off (my fault, I was too eager to leave). And obviously didn't know that the system was not shut down (hello, the screen is always black, furthermore I was at the back. Took for granted that someone had already shut down. Besides, Tommy was behind me. Me, Shannen and Liwei stepped out, and then Tommy also stepped out and we went home. (This is my side of the story)

This morning, we were talking and the new girl, Lisa, said she was the last to leave. Dotz. I didn't see her. She said she left at 1815. OK..I really didn't see her. Her story:

- Stayed until 1815. Didn't off the aircon cause she saw the manager still around and thought that the aircon is connected to her room. Therefore didn't off. As for system, hello! She's new. She don't even know we have a seperate PC for our system.

Conclusion: THIS IS JUST A MISUNDERSTANDING. But yes, I know how to shut down. I'm always eager to learn the things in the how to arm, how to shut down, how to connect the PC for the IT company in charge of our system etc. But poor Xana was screwed even though it's not her fault. Today must find way make her cool down..really a misunderstanding.

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