Monday, May 12, 2008

Barangs Barangs from Hokkaido, Japan!

Yes I am back from Japan!! LoL. Arrived in SG at around 6pm, and reached home about 7+pm. Total luggage weight back: 91KGS. Haha! No charges though. What we buy ah..alot wor. We bought alot of chocolates and tidbits, which mostly belongs to my dad cause he wana distribute to his colleagues. Some are mom's, whereas all those small small barangs barangs are mine!! Muahahaha...don't drool hor.

Those 2 cartons contained food and my small barangs barangs which we tried to pack inside the carton yesterday! LoL. Of course got buy mum mum for my colleagues lah..cause the things there are just too fucking exp! Think buy tidbits for them better.

Tadah!! Item num 1!! My school bag!! Burberry's Blue Label, only available in Japan. Sorry Eddie! The ones your wife wants don't have. What they have on the blue label website is what they have in Hokkaido. Sorry sorry!! For those who don't know, Blue Label is actually available in Japan, cause the Burberry's gave consent to Japan to manufacture some products. Then in the end, they carry the Blue Label..for Japan. Other countries don't have. This costs me ¥41,000. Which is like..$574 SGD. I'm broke!!

This bag my dad bought for my mom, but I chose the pattern. Me and mom gonna share this bag. It's nice lor! Costs about ¥26,000, which is about $364. The Blue Label all tax free...this is AFTER the 5% "GST" ok...piangz..damn exp.

I bought myself a Coach sling bag!! Haha!!! It's actually a sling bag AND a wallet. The wallet is in the middle, lying on the white paper. Total damage...can't rem. But I know the sling bag was on 50% sale and the wallet was on 40% sale!! How not to buy!! Wanted to buy another Coach handbag, but then mom reminded me that we were going to Burberry's, so in the end got this for myself. Wanted another black coloured sling bag, but kinda stupid to get 2 sling bags from the same brand, so didn't get...

Mom's Coach sling bag and wallet. Did I mention that both sling bags can be "altered" to be a handbag? LoL. Next time bring out show you guys. Damn cool. And the sales asst serving me was damn cute and patient! Eyes big big, petite sized, nice smile. Dad kept saying that she's cute. Which I can't deny, she's very cute!! Anyway got the Coach stuff at the Rera Chitose Outlet Mall, which is a factory outlet, therefore very cheap. The total damages for both sling bags and wallets are about SGD $1K+. Quite OK compared to the prices in SG.

These are the prizes me and my dad won in the 2 Bingo games we played at our hotels. First time playing, none of us won, so we only get a packet of pearl rice and a hotel towel each. Rice, now so exp..somemore is pearl rice, so ok lah. According to the tour guide, the pearl rice is good de, which Japan won't export out. So we tan tio.

2nd time we played, I won!! But sway, got 5 other people got it as well. So we drew lots and I was the last one to pick my prize. So left with either tupperware or 15min of foot massage. Of course take got the consolation prize of a bag and ¥200 voucher to spend at the hotel. The ¥400 dad and mom bought 2 cans of Ashahi, which costs ¥300 each. Faint. (FYI, ¥100 = S$1.40)

These are my barangs barangs!! Bookmarks for my classmates, hp accessories for friends, and basically the rest of the stuff are mine. LoL. I am wondering where to put them now. Actually still got 5 Coke bottles/cans that I didn't take picture of. LoL. Spent a total of ¥690 on the Coke. As for the other barangs barangs..don't dare count. And hor, still got some stuff I bought at the temple...2 health charms which I gave my parents, 1 study charm for myself, and 1 dog 1 monkey thingy for me and Feng. Oh yah...and sunglasses from UniQlo...LoL...alot lah!

This is my most prized possessions I guess. Costs around S$50+. Can't really rem the price. Have to dig out my receipts tomorrow. Anyway, it's a musical box. It's the same one as Erin's but different colour. I bought one for myself and one for Feng. And another 2 simple and cheaper music box. Nice wor...can't help myself...and it's shiny......LoL. Nice right? Drooling liao right? Jealous right? LoL..don't be lah, I'm a poor kid this month after repaying my dad for all these.

Saw this watch and found it nice. It's been years since I last wore a Casio watch. And it costs ¥5250 only!! Which is like S$73.50 lor. Bought it at the G-Shock factory outlet at Rera. It's a shopping paradise there! But only 2hours, managed to cover Timberland, Coach, G-Shock, Hush Puppies, Hunting World and Lego. Wanted to go Ferragamo, but not shun lu...and wanted to go Adidas, but mom wanted to go Hush Puppies, so LL lor. Abit wasted..regret never going to Adidas, could have bought myself a jacket..sigh. Didn't go Levi's also!! SAD!! Anyone interested in going Chitose? LoL. Bring me go leh, just let me loose at the Rera. Keke. Steady thing is I have yet to finish using my ¥43,000 that I've changed! I'm still left with about ¥8000 or so. Tml must change with mom le.

There's still alot of barangs barangs on the floor. Need to clear them up tomorrow. And the stupid cork board in my room dropped. Need to fix it up so I can add more souveniers to the board. Sianz. Woke up at 3am SG time this morning to catch a very tired now. And did I mention that my lips are swollen again?! Need to go see doctor tomorrow le...too much seafood. Will update again tomorrow. Nights!

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