Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Slow Internet Connection in Japan

I`m in the hotel lobby, Choya Hotel, if I`m not wrong. OK the keyboard over at Japan is so different from us. Well, at least for the commas and such. Couldn`t find the alias (@) just now. Only to find it next to the Enter. 0_o

Anyway we`re at the hill, can`t really remember the name. Weather here is damn cold, since it`s at the mountain top. Saw snow!! And managed to have my first snowball fight with dad in my entire life. Thank God I brought my winter wear. But sadly I didn`t bring my gloves or scarf!! Damn cold...brrr...

We`re at the typical Onsen hotel, where the toilets are small (it`s the same size as my work cubicle..with a bathtub, a sink AND a toilet) and we`ve to sleep on the futon tonight. Bought a lavendar bear, it`s a bear that will give out lavendar smell. Supposedly to induce sleep. Well, either it`s working or I`m just too tired. Later going for onsen (wen quan) with mom, private one. It costs ¥2500 for 50min. I better stop now cause the internet at this hotel is 64kbits/s. Better stop so it can have 3min to update this blog. Ciaoz! Going for my bingo game le! Hope I can win a Wii my bingo game le! Hope I can win a Wii back.Oyasumi nasai

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