Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Importance of Chinese

I wished I had studied harder for Chinese during secondary school. Apparently a B3 in Chinese is not helping much when I've to translate a 7 page Chinese specs (engineering specs so to speak) into English. Even though I'm only translating those Chinese in the table (approximately 5 pages) into English engineering terms, it took me 3 hours just to translate 1 page. -_-"

Oh God..I've 5 more pages to go..and it's 2pm already. What the hell is 圆弧拱顶? And what's 晶闸管? I need 3 days to do this...seriously. There goes my weekend...

Edit (2:27pm): I managed to translate 1 page with the help of Babel Fish, and some products (specs) from various companies. And the specs are not as detailed as the Chinese one I'm holding onto. *Faint*

Edit (3:49pm): Finally finished 2 pages..and developing a headache (or migraine). 4 more pages to go...I'm dying soon.
Edit (5:26pm): Waiting for 6pm to be here so I can go home and rest my poor head and play my Maple Story. Keep getting stuck at page 3. WTF is 两侧水平交叉?

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