Friday, May 23, 2008

One Man Show No More - Li Ji

I was a loyal follower of 抢摊大行动 (at least whenever I can), and last Friday, I decided to try one of the stalls featured. I kind of liked this uncle. I mean, he's willing to learn and humble. LoL. So I psychoed my parents to go try the one at Tampines Round Market when they picked me up after work. Since it's our first time there, we had to look around. I mean, we know it's at the round market, but damn! There's so many stalls there! After searching, chey, it's at the interior circle, near the toilet there de. And what greeted us?

This load of people lor. We reached at around 630pm somemore. All these people are there waiting for the food.

And just look at the number of people queueing up for his food! But funnily, the uncle wasn't around. Heard somewhere that he had a stroke, but had recovered. Therefore his family members helped him out at the stall, so he no need to stress himself that much. So sad!! I thought I would see him!!

Apparently he decided to show up!! LoL. What used to be a one man show, is no longer that anymore! He has his brothers and sisters and what-nots to help him out. What he did that night was to serve the food to my table and wash the plates used. Poor uncle. My dad jokingly asked if I wanted to take a picture with him. LoL.

Can't really remember the name..jambulat? Jambulut? Whatever....this was given to us at 7:15pm. A full 40min after we ordered our dinner. -_-" Business has really improved alot.

Sting ray!! This came 10min after the jambulat/jambulut. For me, I find it not spicy enough. Dad says nothing to wow about. But it tastes very nice with the jambulat/jambulut lor! Dad says not fragrant enough, maybe cause not that uncle cook de. I just find it not spicy enough nia. It's not bad.

Mom's favourite: Kangkong with cuttlefish. Which reminds me, next Fri is my last day at work! LoL. The kangkong is nice, not spicy enough. The chilli tastes the same as the one used on the stingray. Therefore hor...verdict: 5/10. Just pass. Would taste nicer if it's a little spicier.

THIS EGG IS NICE!! It's fluffy and pong pong one. *Drool* But then, it's rather oily. Alot of oil was used to make this egg fluffy. Egg fu rong. Not much ingredients inside. But then again, I'm a sucker for fluffy eggs. ^_^

The special lala. Usually lala are cooked with chilli and such. But this is cooked with black bean sauce. The sauce isn't too saltish, so you can drink it direct. And like what other reviews had mentioned, there isn't a shell without the lala. OK, out of the whole plate, maybe there's just 1 or 2 empty shells. Other than that, there's meat in ALL shells. Worth for money.

*Burp* The food isn't that bad. Total bill came up to around $32 only, for 4 dishes and 3 bowls of rice. They had accidentally gave us the wrong serving size for the sting ray, and they were very honest about it. The uncle (younger bro I guess) told us that we had ordered a $12 sting ray, but then they had served us a $6 sting ray (no wonder so fast eat finish le). So he deduct the difference from the total. They're so honest! Give it a try! But then I heard from my colleague who went down on a weekday that she waited an hour for the food to arrive. LoL. Go early ba.

The address:
Tampines Round Market Food Centre
Blk 137
St 11 #01- 26 (near the toilet)

Don't expect too much. I mean, for $30+ nia, don't expect drooling sting ray with standards from East Coast, which for the same size they charge over $12. Don't give too much expectations and you'll find the food pleasing.

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