Friday, May 2, 2008

Joaquim Buffet and Big Splash

We, class E009, always celebrate Huiling's birthday on 30th April even though her birthday is on 2nd May, so after a night of partying we can rest on Labour day. This year, no difference. We went to Joaquim Buffet Restaurant at Suntec. It was the last day of their promotion anyway. $25.80 nett for dinner with 1 complimentary drink.

Each person has their own "heater" or whatever you call this things. This stuff can burn for more than 2 hours. I know, cause we were there for 2 hours, and there is still alot of the blue stuff remaining.

There were 3 soup bases to choose from; Tom Yam, Fish Head and Winter Melon. Me, Sue and Ling chose Fish Head, which I personally think is great. As for Tom Yam, Nelson claimed that it's very spicy. The more you drink the more spicy it becomes, until he didn't want to have the steamboat anymore and attacked on the cooked foods instead.

The variety here are not as much as those at Seoul Garden or Yuki Yaki, but then it's just steamboat. The variety is enough. The sliced fish (dory and duno what) are so fresh and sweet! Since I cannot eat seafood, I forgo getting the crabs and prawns. I attacked the quail eggs though. LoL.

Didn't managed to take alot of pictures cause was too busy eating. We had a total of 5 - 7 rounds of Indian Rojak and 2 rounds of normal rojak. As well as their cakes and ice cream. Not bad lah. The Indian Rojak was nice! Just look at the num of quail eggs I took. ^_^

This is Huiling's pot! Keke. The cocktail was nice. Too bad no cheese though. Please note that Joaquim restaurant is not Halal. They serve pork. The white thing floating is not 鱼漂,it's actually 猪皮. LoL. I still think the fish is nice.

After dinner (close to 10pm), we decided to go Big Splash at East Coast for the cake cutting. Silly Nelson told me to take ECP and exit Fort Road, which is what I did. Since he left before me, he should be earlier than me. But then after I finished parking my car, he still wasn't there yet. Called Liang and he told me that they're at Geylang. They wanted to siam the traffic jam at ECP, only to face with a bigger jam at Geylang. -_-" Asked me take Fort Road you go take Geylang. KNS.

So while waiting for the guys to arrive, us girls took photos. Sue says she looked tall here. LoL. The rooftop of Starbucks was so empty, it was as if we had booked the whole premises.

TADAH!! The deliciously-yet-freakishly-huge-cake. Hey I didn't know it was this big. Secret Recipe only sells free sized cake, which we believe it weighs 2KG!! Damn heavy and damn big. Sorry guys, my bad. LoL. But most importantly is Ling eat already happy!! This is one of her favourite cake leh.

I like this knife!! Too bad Eugene was one step ahead of me and had booked this knife. @#$%

The birthday girl and her cake! See! Damn big!! I mean the cake lah! *Slaps* =P

I wish peace! No lah! She's not that bimbo. In fact, she's the genius in our class..with the highest GPA. Not human..haha! Wish to tio 4D and tio Toto? To get married early? To get good results? LoL. Wish for world peace lah. Keke...

Just look at the size of this lor!! It's so damn tall!! So many layers!! Such big slice even though Eugene tried to cut it small!

"Why the bag so kiam cai one?" Lol, try hiding the present in my bag, which is so small! She seemed happy though..

*Sparkle sparkle* Woo..nice nice! Shiny.....elegant....shiny...pretty...did I mention shiny?

Sue helped Ling to try on the necklace and we commented that this pic looked like the perfect advertisement for the necklace. LoL. Happy birthday girl! Today is your birthday, shiok lah stay home and nua. Hoped you had enjoyed Wed night man! May all your wishes come true!! Keke!

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