Sunday, May 4, 2008

I Am Very Wealthy

A person with three solid friends is a very wealthy man indeed

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

When I saw this verse while reading the book, I told myself I am very wealthy then. Heck, I'm wealthier than wealthy. For I did not have 3 solid friends. Nopez, I have more than 3 solid friends. Most whom are willing to give up whatever precious time they have for me. Who knows what I love. Who will be there whenever I need them. Who will siam and MIA, because they know I wana spend time with Feng. And most importantly, these are the friends that took my scoldings and cursings (yes I do curse my friends, with the 三字经s) , and can tolerate my ever-changing temper. Their names often appear in my blog. Cause they are part of my life. Without them, I'll be poorer than a church mouse. This, of course, is a dedication to them..some I will leave anonymous..LoL

This is in no order running...
This girl was there for me for 1 whole month, checking up on me everyday after I broke up with Kevin. Or rather when Kevin ditched me. She was working as a waitress at Cuppage area then, and most days after her work (a freaking 2am), she'll call and check up on me. When I said I wana go have a drink, she'll come all the way from Somerset down to Bedok, just to have a drink a smoke with me. Then she'll leave at around 5am - 6am, take a cab home to bathe and sleep. When I got to know the BR gang (it stands for Bedok Reservoir gang..we're a gang of bros and sis), she told me something," I had been with you giving you the support for 1 month. I've shelved my plans for this 1 mth so I can help you. Now that you know this group of friends it's time for me to leave. You cannot always rely on me. Seeing you able to smile again I know I'd done my job. Now I've to leave you to do what I wana do." Piangz, I was so touched I really almost cried. She's also the first girlfriend I ever had to help me wipe my tears. She's also the only friend to visit me when I first extracted my wisdom tooth. And fight with me for my blanket when she stayed over. And jump on my couch. And step on my *heart breaking* memory bed. And....sigh...this little terror.....

Knowing each other for 6 years le, I was really glad that I got to know her. Even when I had a bf, she told me she'll get out of the picture, so I'll be blissful and enjoy my bf's company. WE ARE NOT LESBIANS. Although I always call her my lesbian partner. LoL. Recently I told her something that happened to me, she told me again," You no need to wait for me to finish exams or finish my probation. You can call me out anytime." Yupz, this same girl sacrificed her sleep recently, accompanying me to talk cause she felt that I didn't want to go home yet. Although we're recently chatting about work life and merging of companies, we still have fun together. LoL. We had fun playing with Facebook these few days. LoL. She's grad soon, and will be the first in our class to get a degree. Jiayou girl!! Remember, my Gelare waffles when I'm broke! LoL.

What do I say of this young girl who had the brains of a genius? Although sometimes she don't catch what we're all talking about, but seriously, she's the only one in our class to get into a local uni. She's also the one that will msn with me everyday. She's also one who will hear me complain about my colleagues/boss and hear me nag. She's also the one who I'll scold and curse, but will want to protect. Cause I treat her like a younger sister. Where got older sis keep smoldering younger sis one. Of course sometimes must scold scold abit. Although I suan her everytime, but she's really one great friend who'll try to help whatever she can, especially when it's related to me and Sue. LoL. She reads this blog. Oui Ling, got touched or not. Everytime read my blog never leave msg. Rude. *Slaps* Haha! She's like a younger sis I want to have but can't have. She brings out the big sis in me. My once-a-yr-shopping buddy. LoL. She's the one who will accompany me to shop for CNY clothes cause sometimes bringing a bf for shopping is like...ARGH! LoL.

She will share her food with me, and tutor me and inspire me like there's no tomorrow. Don't frown lah. Remember last time you used to teach me E-Device? You stayed back and made sure I don't fail again when I repeat that stupid subject, WHICH I'M PRACTICALLY HAVE NO USE FOR NOW. And those thime you try to teach me CKTCS and loaned me your notes? Staying until 8pm over at my area? Oui, me got good memory one, don't play play. Somemore this girl got somewhat the same thinking as me, of course click lah hor!! *Hugz* And she knows I love mango cake!! Keke. Where to find I ask you? I mean, when my friends start telling me their problems, I'll listen, give advices and that's it. But this girl, actually remembered and will ask me constantly how am I, have I settled my problem or not and such. I feel like such a lousy friend...*slaps myself*

Eh this friend of mine had been my friend for more than a decade ok! 13 years of friendship. This female..piangz..she had it the worst. During sec 2, we used to take bus together, since our schools are just 1 bus stop apart. And one day, I just insulted her (at 6+ am!) at the bus stop and made her cry. Our common friends wanted to console her but was stopped by me. She went to school everyday for a couple of weeks alone, that is unless she bumps into her schoolmates. Until one day, I suddenly called her and we went out together. She treated as nothing had happened and was happy that we were friends again. *Ashamed* And you thought this would stop right? NO.

When I broke up with Eggie (on a spur), Kelvin had just dumped Erin. Instead of consoling her, I told her why I couldn't be with Eggie anymore and that although I had asked for the breakup, I didn't want to actually. She was fighting back her tears then and had to console me instead. *Kam pia* I sucks! And after me and Eggie got back together, I introduced Erin to Henry. Something happened, which I don't think I will put up here, ask me in private maybe I'll say..and I messaged Erin calling her the worst names anyone could have called a friend. I scolded her and cursed her and for one whole fucking month (or more), I didn't answer any of her phone calls/msg. Then one day, out of a sudden, I messaged her asking how is she. And again, she forgave me. I didn't even apologize for anything for the past few years, never once to her. She just opened her heart and forgave me. And when Kevin dumped me, she messaged me everyday to ensure I have eaten, despite being busy at the hospital. This same girl who I cursed and swear, remembers my birthday every year. This is the same girl that will tell me," Eh, you getting flabby. See! Dingle dingle. Go work out please." The very same girl who'll laugh at my lamest jokes and still sees me as an idol even though I'm a failure. ^_^ I seriously don't deserve her. *Damn ashamed*

Thomas Mah:-
Piangz, how can forget my jiemei!! I also got quarrel with him one hor! Over money issues somemore. But this guy, whom I got to know when I was together with Kevin, is damn good to me. Everytime something happens to my internet or PC, I'll give him a call and he'll come down to solve it for me. And he'll give me a treat every now and then, even when he's tight. And when I didn't have a car, he'll chauffer me whenever we go out. How great is that?!

This same guy will buy me a souvenier everytime he goes overseas, no matter to Genting or to India. But hor he very bad. He cheated my money in MJ. LoL. His mama makes very nice kueh tu pie! *Drool* This gentle giant grabbed my heart in more ways than one. Whoever said that males and females can never be platonic friends do not have a friendship like me and Thomas.

Currently my best friend lor. LoL. He's doubling as a boyfriend and a friend. He's the poor one who is always tahan-ing my awful temper. The one who'll bring me to doctor even though it's walking distance, the one who'll bring me to various restaurants to curb my cravings and listen to me complain about my colleague everyday. LoL. He never liked people to bitch about other people, but do I care? I'll still bitch to him about what happened that day, who said what or who did what. LoL. He's my confidante..that is until he pisses me off, and that is when all my friends above will hear me complain about him. LoL.

Think I had hurled abuses and threw my temper at him more than whatever shits I'd given to the people around me. Poor dear. Old habits die hard. =P He has to be my inspiration, according to the way I like it; console me the way I wana it to be; teach when I want to be taught. To say that he doesn't understand me is an understatement. He understands my temper. It would be me who doesn't understand him. *Bows head in shame* Sometimes I feel as though I'm the male and he's the female in our relationship, cause he's frequently testing my memory, seeing if I remembered his IC number, or his address and all, and I took 2 fucking long years to remember his IC. LoL. Sorry dear! I'll jiayou one ok!!

There's alot of anonymous friends that I would be grateful to. Especially to those that touched me.

Mr A.
Mr A was going to NZ for training, and I had casually mentioned that I wanted a kiwi bird display. One day when he was supposed to be in NZ, he suddenly msn-ed me and told me that he's back. He had bought me the kiwi. I asked him why he was suddenly back. He told me that his brother had passed away and he was back for the funeral. I was damn shocked and touched at the same time. For someone whose family had passed away and had to leave suddenly, and can stilll buy me a souvenier that I casually commented, it meant that he really treasures our friendship and that I was on his mind when he saw that kiwi. Really touched then. All I could do was to loan him a book, The five people you meet in Heaven, to help him ease the pain. Thanks friend!

Mr B.
This guy buys me things whenever he is overseas. The most recent present was a Honda keychain. =P Once, when me and Sue went out with him, I saw the little aliens from Toy Story. I wanted to buy, but bring broke then, I didn't. While me and Sue was watching the show at the ground floor, Mr B went back to the shop and bought me 6 aliens. LoL. And another time, when we went Siglap for coffee, he went 7-11 to buy himself a cup of mashed potato. When he came back, he gave me a Honda S2000 model. My favourite car. That. Was. So. Sweet. Did I mentioned for my 24th birthday, he bought me the necklace that Arwen wore in LOTR? I swear that necklace costs at least $80. Damn touched. And he's always very straight with me. If I pissed him off, he'll tell me. -_-" LoL. He's a very nice friend..he knows what I like. Damn nice lor.

Ehh..can see I don't really have much female friends hor? Yah lor. Not much. As Feng will say, my friends are mostly guy friends. Eh, for those who don't see their names here hor, not that you're not friend. Just that it's 1225am now. Very tired to write. Tomorrow I'll have to start packing and sleep at 10pm. Why leh? Cause hor, Monday I've to be at the airport at 630am!! Yes yes, I'm finally flying off to Hokkaido!! So hor, there won't be much update until I come back on Mother's day. OK, for the rest, like John, Eugene, Jiawei, Weiliang etc, thanks for being my friend/buddy/darling ok? Your friendship is also appreciated! Love ALL OF YOU!! And love all the ones above! You see, I've more than 3 friends. More than 3 solid friends. So does that make me very wealthy? I do not need to call them everyday, or catch up with them everyday. But when we do meet, we are still familiar with each other and there's no awkward silence or whatever. This is then called friends.

A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement.

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