Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sex vs Love


Yesterday, we (me and some colleagues) were discussing the needs of human. As in, what does a man and a woman truly needs from the relationship. We came to this conclusion (3 women vs 1 man, definitely he lose. =P):

- She does not need sex.
- She can do without sex.
- She needs love, care and concern.
- She have sex with the boyfriend/husband for security (to ensure he's not sleeping around with somebody else)

- He needs sex
- He can't do without sex
- He needs love, care and concern too, sometimes in the form of sex
- He can have sex with any girl that he has no feelings for, sometimes even pay to have it (for some).

Men, when will you realise that sex is not what we actually need? We need you to ask how our day was, to give us a massage every now and then, to bring us to holiday when we're on verge of a meltdown, to give in to us during PMS (where we are usually unable to control our moods) and to treat us like a princess and that we're the only woman you have in your life (excluding your moms/sis of course)? Seriously, with these concerns and love and concern, we can orgasm right infront of you. We do not need sex to orgasm. =] And the reason we have sex with you guys on a daily/weekly/monthly/annualy basis is because we don't want you to go around screwing some other female who just can't seem to keep her legs closed. I mean, there ARE some females who would likes to have sex without committments, but mostly we DO NOT LIKE IT. Ya, we DO have our needs. But the occurrence of that need is SO MUCH lesser than yours. We would prefer love, concern and attention anytime more than sex. THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Although, I can't deny the fact that sex really DOES bring 2 people closer. And that it can cure headaches. And is a great workout. BUT I do not encourage kids (anyone younger than 21) to have sex before marriage. Because you're too young, you do not really know how to enjoy sex. And when you're more mature, you're exposed to things that will enable to enjoy the process more. I quote my friend, Crystal, many years back when we were 19 years old," I am proud to say that I am a virgin for 19 years, and I can loudly say that. And you? *Points to another friend of ours* You can only say you're a slut and a whore who can't keep her legs closed. It's no shame being a virgin, but it's a shame to be so proud of your oh-so-many sex experience." (Note: That friend of ours blatantly (and proudly) told us she just had sex with this guy from her French class last night and that she her sex partners are more than 10.)

Guys are funny creature. They wana go around screwing every female they see (at least those prettier/sexier/fuckable ones), yet most of them wants their future wife to be virgins. -_-" I saw that in a survey a couple of years back. >80% of the guys interviewed don't mind to having pre-marital sex (oh I wonder why), but around 30 - 40% of this group of guys actually wants a virgin wife. Hello! Where got so many virgins around when you just keep screwing one after another? Seriously.

PS: I speak from my point of view. If reading this, you find it too one sided, you can always read the 'we' as 'I', if that makes you happy. Or maybe you're just one of those females that can't keep the legs closed no matter what. =]
PPS: And I do believe there are still nice guys who aren't sexually orientated and nice virgin girls out there. =]


Darran said...

Sex is a temporary urge, but love is something which keeps you smiling. Though I don't believe in love, but being with someone whom you feel so attached to is happiness.

MLMaestro said...

Nope, it's not one-sided. I enjoy your post a lot, it's heartening to see that there are still girls who value love.

hearthacker said...

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Bryan said...

It's always hardest to stand for the truth, but you've done it and your one person's words can make an impact, be it big or small. Please do propagate the message further and encourage your friends to be sexual abstinent till marriage today!

MCPYouKnowMe said...

Oh screw that. You said it, we want sex, and women want a whole long list of stuff. Plus we have to pay for everything. It's one-sided all right. The option of engaging a hooker in a win-win situation is very attractive. She gets paid, I get sex. No drama. I mean, what are the girls of today plan to offer in exchange for all that massaging, "affection", care, money, remembering birthdays, celebrating V-Day (it's a freakin expensive hassle, but we do it just to get sex. Hah.)?

Aaron said...

I dunno xueyu, what if the sex is great?

After all, our biological instincts ask us to 'go forth and seed'. To carry on the 'family line' if you will.

That's why guys constantly have sex in their head. We didn't ask for it, but like it or not, its here to stay.

(Though most of us non players stifle the urge, its still there simmering under the lid, where it can blow anytime)

My 2 cents,

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