Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Confessions of My Little Crush

I know I have a boyfriend, but I couldn't help myself drawn to this particular guy whenever I see him. My mouth will turn upwards into a smile when I see his smile. I would pay all my attention to him whenever he appear. My God, I had even dreamt of him before. *Embarrassed*

He's so funny, so amazingly fluent, and most of all, he captured a little of my heart. However, he'll not know these feelings. N-E-V-E-R. It's like secondary school all over again. Those kind of crush where you can only gaze far far away. Well, we're far away enough. I'm only seeing him through a tv. =[

No lah, not Dasmond. Anyway got these 2 pics from Dasmond's flickr. Sorry hor!! It's Pornsak. *Can't imagine him reading this. He'll think I'm some psycho or stalker* I mean, he's fluent in English, Chinese, Thai, Teochew and even Spanish!! Talk about being bilingual. But it's not his ability to speak fluently that had caught my eyes. it was his smile. =)

Or maybe the fact that he looks a little like Bosco Wong? Another favourite guy of mine. LoL. I don't know. I mean, the first time I saw Pornsak was when he was hosting the Monday variety show last year..搞笑行动?He stood out from the other 2 hosts, who seemed to be overshadowing him. I realised Porksak had a very nice sunshine smile. Those that you just love to gaze at the whole day. *OK I'm freaking myself out too* He's kinda cute don't you think?

I just melt whenever I see him smile. And I feel myself getting shy and blushing whenever...I realised that I'm focusing on him...ALOT. -_-" Call him my idol or whatever. I prefer to call him my little crush. =] More about him here and here. He's too low profile to find anything more... =[

PS: Anyone knows him? Can you guys like introduce us as friends? So I can stop my crushing or whatever. LoL. OK..I'm just kidding. I'll just freeze if anyone does that.


Anonymous said...

i know him. ha. will see if he wants to know you. ha.

Ohkulala said...

hahaha... the flutter of the heart with the appearance of a new crush :P

Xueyu said...

anonymous: OH NO!! PLEASE!! Argh..don't do that! I will like...JUST DIE!! *Secretly hoping you would* Hahahahahaha =)

ohkulala: How well you described my beating of the heart, do you feel the same way about him then? =]

Aaron said...

Yes i think he's got the X-factor.
Something many hosts lack in SG (or maybe because he's just a relatively new fresh face.. haha)