Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sick of Being Fat

Me and Huiling were chatting on msn the other day and I was trying to psycho her to join Yoga or Pilates with me. Yes yes, you heard/see right. I told her I was sick of being fat. I mean, at my slimmest period, I weighed 58KG (ok it seems alot, but I'm big boned and I stand at 170, so it's JUST NICE). Now? I do not even dare to step onto the weighing machine.

Besides cutting down on meals, I realised I need to do something cause that's all the fats that's gonna go if I cut down on food intake. It's not going to bring me back to 58KG, unless I don't eat at all, which I did when I was 58KGS. I only drink milo and eat sweets..and because my body's so used to not having food, I can't seem to finish everything on my plate even though I want to. I'll just end up vomitting cause the food just wouldn't go down to the stomach area. Sad case.

Therefore I asked Huiling to go exercise with me. To exercise with a friend is a motivation. You know? Like you're spurring each other on to go exercise, to give encouragement. Ling, if I say that I'm lazy to exercise, you must remind me firmly that I was the one who wanted it in the first place ok? Don't let me slack. I want to wear back my nice nice clothes.

From June onwards, we will meet once a week to work out at Hougang gym. And it'll be in the afternoon. LoL. The plan is to meet every Thursday tentatively. Until our actualy class starts that is. Then we'll plan again. LoL.

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