Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Different Kind of Dread

I just ordered Mcdonalds for breakfast. I know it's 2pm now, but there's just nothing to eat at home. And someone was too happy with the results to buy me breakfast. mcdelivery is here!! So fast!! Only like 15min nia leh. LoL. OK back to the topic.

When I had to go class on Wed and Fri, I didn't dread going to school. I just dread taking bus and squeezing with the commuters on the MRT. You'll be surprised how pack the MRT is at 1pm. I never liked taking MRT, but then it's more dependable than bus, and I don't drive to school since dad drives to work. Yah, other than that I'm quite ok with going to school. The only dread I have is to take public transport. Don't ask me to take cab. I just took cab to school last Friday and boy! I could buy a pack of ciggies and still got money left over to buy me a packet of medium fries. Just not so worth it. Think take public transport cheaper. Actually, no need to think cause it's confirmed. LoL.

It's a different kind of dread. I don't have to force myself to wake up and drag myself out of the bed. I actually wake up about 2 hours earlier so I could catch some TV, play some games before going to school. As for work, for the past 1 year, I'd to find reasons for myself to get out of bed. Something like...lunch, colleagues or that it's just another few more days to weekend. Sometimes, these reasons failed and I'll take leave to stay at home. But by night time, I start dreading the next day. I'm glad that's over.

When I was younger, I want to work cause I believed working is better than studying. I mean, you get money, you have no exams/projects and can do whatever you want. That is until I was kicked out of poly. I started working. That was 6 months of hell for me. It was my first full time job. I wanted to back to school. I went back eventually. And I relish every moment in poly. Really. I joined clubs, joined the orientations as a mentor, and know more people. It was shiok. Until I've to graduate. =[

Fair-Rite was considered my 2nd job after grad. But then, the other is not worth mentioning. I was only working as a car sales for 9 days and had sold 3 cars? Or was it 2? Nvm. And I stuck on with F/R for 2 years 2 months and 15 days. And now, I chose to do full time. Not because I wana get away from F/R. I wanted to do a deg in Aust, but it was too expensive and I was rejected anyway. I told myself if I'm not accepted at PSB, I'll go find another job and study part time. Thank God I'm accepted. And I'm happily enjoying my life as a student now. Nothing beats being a student. All those people working full time will agree with me. =] Students, enjoy your student life. It's the easiest and happiest time in your life. Believe me. I've been there done that....

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Aaron said...

You have no idea how much i enjoy my student life. haha...