Thursday, June 26, 2008

Of Me and My Sugar Daddy

My sugar daddy wasn't always my sugar daddy. He's my sugar daddy not because he gives me money to spend; instead, he is very sweet to me, therefore the term sugar daddy. We got to know each other many many years ago and went through alot. Let me tell you the story, since I've his permission to blog about it. Mr Poh, see already don't melt k. LoL.

8 years ago, I got into TP's IT/ICP couse. I was pretty low profile and stuck to only my lecture hall friends (mostly my classmates). We had a channel in irc (back then very popular) and we created a channel called #T11, our lecture group. And then one guy from class T11D created #condor and then another guy from class T11F created a channel called #matchmakers. Soon, #T11 closed down. We remained in #matchmakers usually. And that's when I got to know haha (sugar daddy's nick). My nick was either girl82 or baby82. All of them call me BB, and my sugar daddy still calls me that even until now. And people from this channel were usually from my lecture group. Haha was the eldest and not even from our course. He was from Mechatronics. Even though we're in the same school, he had already graduated.

We started pm-ing each other and realised we stay rather close. We are just 1 bus stop away from each other! And we'd talk for ages and talk about anything. And then one night, he called me. He asked if I wana meet. I think I was rather daring then lor. I went down to meet him alone. This is something I won't do in meet someone whom I had never met alone. From that night onwards, we were pretty close friends. Classmates started hinting that he might be interested in me. I mean, who on earth would drive to my house and bring me eat air the very same day that he passes his driving? But I was interested in another guy back then..which I will write maybe on Friday ba. My life has too many men...LoL.

OK anyway, Haha started doing stuff for me. He bought flowers for me, and teddy bears when I'm down. We started meeting on and off, always alone. And when I had to retain back in year one, he consoled me and stuff. Giving me little notes to tell me jiayou, which I think I still have those notes. He was that sweet.

During my second year (as in year 1, repeat lah), he came by TP during the CCN day because my class because I had class and he had half day off (he was in army then). And he had borrowed his boss' car to bring me around. In the end, I repaid him by asking him to send 3 of my friends home. -_-" I was that appreciative (note the sarcarsm). I was very bad to him lor. And during term break, I went over to Crystal's house for studying, and I called him at night to see where he was. He ended up borrowing his dad's car to drive from Bedok Reservoir all the way to Newton Circus to pick me and a friend up, and then send my friend back to Loyang before sending me home. And during my repeat year, I was told to go Sentosa for some human chain thingy, and when I finished, I called him to see where he was. And as usual, he drove a car over to pick me up, even though I told him I wana go drinking. At the bar, he sat at one table with a friend of his while me and my friends were at another table enjoying ourselves. When I was ready to do, he smiled and opened the door for me. His friend sat behind while I sat up infront, only to find a balloon dog staring at me. I had complained to him during CCN day that I wanted a balloon, but we couldn't find the balloon seller (or rather too expensive). The balloon dog was made by him. *Touched*

He wrote a poem for me. Seriously, I couldn't remember this poem until he showed it to me just now. LoL. Trying to gain credits eh sugar daddy?

S.D's Poem to BB

I remembered I used to like drawing Piyo Piyo, and I drew a Piyo on a piece of paper (he claims that it's in his diary/notebook). And guess what he did? He scanned it into the PC..

To me, it's just an ordinary drawing. But this sugar daddy of mine...he kept the scanned picture of this up till today. Oh yah..this was sent to me via msn just now..LoL. And guess what he did to this picture? He went to make it into...

This. He colored my picture!! Very sweet guy hor?

There's alot of stuff he did for compiling a mini CD on the love songs, making a remix on one of the techno song (This is DJ XX, from FM 51.2 [512 = I love you]), chauffering me here and there when he has the car, finding saga seeds and putting them into a bottle (ask me to count somemore..@#$ 99, which represents his love for me..) and etc etc. Many times I was touched. I mean, which sane woman won't be touched? He was so damn sweet.

Xiujun+Weiqi+Sugar daddy+me

I didn't accept him then, because he was going Aust to study for 2 years. Knowing myself, I wasn't ready for committment; especially for long distance relationship. I was only 19 then. Too young to understand what love is. Me and a couple of friends (my coursemates) went to send him off when he flew to Aust. I was attached then to Jason (Ah Kow). Jason went with me to the airport and I hugged sugar daddy before he left. I told myself I wouldn't cry, but I did when I saw his back. Jason said I must be crazy. Maybe back then, I really had feelings for him..feelings that I didn't know existed. All I know was, we are still good friends.

When he reached Aust, he did call me every now and then, and we would still chat on irc/icq/msn. And whenever he has holidays, he would come back and we would meet up. I was with another boyfriend when he came back for his first school break. And then in end of 2001, I heard from a common friend that he's interested in a girl. I don't really know why but my heart hurt a little. I mean..I had a boyfriend then! And funnily, my boyfriend (Eggie), saw sugar daddy walk pass us at Plaza Sing with a girl, even though they had never met before. I hurriedly call sugar daddy and he told me he's really with another girl. Although I was smiling and joking with him, my heart was breaking.

A few days later, he told me that he is attached to this girl. She's 8 years younger than him. WTF!! My heart really broke then. Don't know why also. And then, during a lecture one day, I wrote him a poem:

You were there when I needed someone most,
But it wasn't the same with you.
All I did was to laugh and boast,
About how the other boys looked so cute.
I am sorry.

When I needed a shoulder to lean on,
You were there once again for me.
But when you needed someone to bond,
I was out with some guy called Eggie.
I am truly sorry.

When I was devastated and out of my mind,
You were there to hold me against your chest.
But when you were going to make yourself mine,
I rejected you infront of my desk.
I am really sorry.

Now when I want you in my arms to hold,
You are no longer there.
What I see now put me in cold,
For there's a girl in your arms so bare.
I wished it was me..I am sorry

I knew I had lost him. But not as a friend. We continued our friendship throughout these few years..and suddenly, a couple of years ago, he told me that he is purchasing a flat with the girl. And a year or two ago, he married her. I told my friends, if I had accepted him back then, I would be Mrs Poh by now. I was angry, I was jealous and I was sad. What could I do? Sigh. Maybe I'm jealous that she gets to be married whereas I'm still left on the shelf. @#$%^&

Anyway, sugar daddy is no longer married and he's sort of available. He's still so sweet as ever. Although no more gifts already, but then we would still come out for a smoke once in a blue moon and chat on msn..and he jokingly tells me that he wana marry me. And then proceed to say that I marry him because I wana get married, and I shot back that he marry me because he wana have a mistress for his house. LoL. We're just so incorrigible. He said he used to love me before. Well, sugar daddy, I guess, I must have liked you alot back then too.


You'll forever be my sugar daddy lah ok? And I shall forever be your BB. *Hugz* Thank you for everything you'd done for me. Thinking back, I'm still touched even till now. Even though little gremlin is sleeping under my bed and all the other stuff are in the cupboard, I can still remember the memories you gave me...thank you. *Muacks*

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You're really lucky to have such friends xueyu.

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