Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm So Tired and Bored and Shocked..

Woke up early to do my homework: thesis writing. Had to wake up early to do research. Sianz. But finally after 1hour+ of research, finally did the skeleton of my thesis. First time writing, so fun. Note the sarcarsm.

My jiemei broke news to me that he's getting married. Sianz. Why am I like the only one not married? Whatever. Gonna go get ready to go school liaoz. Meeting Vera tonight, and she's asking me to be her jiemei on her wedding in Sept. ARGH!! Marriage again. Dotz.

Did I mention that I'm tired as well? Shit. I need Redbull. I need ciggies. Gotta go buy later. Feel like taking cab to school. But no money. *Slaps self* Time for bath. Ciao.

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