Monday, June 23, 2008

I've Graduated with Summa Cum Laude

Last Friday I went to class as usual. And as usual, Thomas was there. I decided to strike a converstation with him, cause he's my coursemate. Who knows our paths might cross again. So I asked him how many people attended the class on Wed since I wasn't there. He told me that only he and Gavin attended. LoL. Heng I never go. Keke.

Anyway, Dr Steve told us that there's nothing else to teach, and due to the low attendance, he decided to cancel the remaining 2 weeks of lessons. So I jokingly asked if we had "graduated". And to this, he replied," Yes. You have graduated. Graduated with Summa Cum Laude." And as usual, I believe I'm the only one in class that understands this. And as usual, I'm the only one laughing. For those who don't know the meaning, check it here.

Our class ended at 310pm that day instead of 4pm. We were told to give him our names in block letters. And we will receive our cert together with the deg cert at the end of our course I guess. With that I bid Dr Steve farewell...or so I thought. I bid Thomas a farewell and told him that I'll see him in Aug. So now I HAVE NO MORE CLASSES!! I can fully nua at home 6 days a week (1 day for gym)!! Yeah!!!! Kekekek...

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