Friday, June 20, 2008

Everyday Is Friday

My arms are aching and my legs are aching. But I've to go school later. I didn't attend class on Wed, cause I was vomitting in the morning and having a headache. And I didn't do my homework. =X Now I'm doing the homework that was due on Wed. Later gotta explain to lecturer that I was feeling unwell on Wed.

Gym was great yesterday, reached around 2pm. Quite a few cute guys over there. I threaded 10min, rowed 5min, cycled 25min and brisked walk 22min. Wore my dad's Nike cause my Nike died on me last week. After gym, went to 3 different furniture shop with Bryan to look for mattress. Fuck Silver River. I wana cancel the orders I made on Sunday also cannot. Must wait for their sales rep. Fuck them. I went Defu Lane into a ulu furniture shop, saw a table and the uncle quote me $490 w/o gst. No delivery charge. Went over to SR, wanted to cancel the table we bought on Sunday cause it was too small. Saw the exact same table, but quote at SR was $599 w/o gst + delivery charge of $50. Siao. Tai nang pang her. Me is not carrot head.

Anyway ended up at Nova. The mattress quote there best quote so far. Super single full memory foam bed is $1199 before GST. The exact same mattress same brand was quoted to be $1699 before GST at SR. Condemn them liao. I'm NEVER going to buy from them anymore. This shall be the last time. OK..I've to go do my homework liao. Gotta go school soon and I've yet to eat breakfast....ciaoz.

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