Thursday, June 5, 2008

Me And Metal Teeth

Me is going to wear braces. Been saying for a long time. So just now, me made a call to Ubi Dental Clinic, where Erin got her braces. I called to enquire the price. It costs from $2800 - $4500. *Phew* I need money for my braces. Since everytime me just mention I want braces, me went to book an appointment to check out my teeth first. Afterwhich, 2 weeks later, I'll have an x-ray. I don't know how it goes cause I never had braces before. And I used to hate braces. Mom wanted me to wear braces back when I was in primary school. But I didn't want to be called metal teeth or metal mouth or whatever. So I avoided the question everytime my mom asked me to go tie my teeth.

Well, now I'm convinced. Seeing how straight and pretty Erin's teeth are now, me wana be that too. Furthermore my teeth aren't really crooked..except for the 2 upper front teeth and 3 lower front teeth. Who knows, maybe I just need to have braces for a year. And maybe it won't hurt (except my pocket). My appointment is in July..that's the earliest date they are able to give me. *Sigh* Better eat all I can is gonna make changes to my life, to bit by one bit...gym next week!! Me ish a changed person.

PS: Someone asked me why I wana put braces. Well, I replied her that I like the idea of my teeth being tied together and held together with metal and that I like being restricted on the food I can eat when I have braces. -_-" Of course it's to make my teeth more straight lah! Esp my front teeth..

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