Thursday, June 12, 2008

Exercising Is Bad But Necessary

I know I haven't been writing for long, but I was too busy ERP-ing (Eat, Rest and Play). This is opposite to Aaron's ERP though. His is Early Rise Project. Anyway, been nua-ing for 2 weeks, and yes, I'm still attending the English lessons. I'm not giving up. Thank God, cause yesterday he told us to write thesis, which..of course I'm going to do later. =P OK, digress le. Let's get back to topic. Oh yah..exercising. Just now saw on news that another NS guy passed away. SEE!! Exercise no good!! How many people had passed away during exercising these past few years? It's no good I tell you!! But necessary.

After nua-ing for 2 weeks, I finally got my ass out of the chair, stopped my maplestory game, and went down to Hougang gym for a workout. Supposedly to meet Huiling at 130pm, but I was playing maple at home, and was too tired. I was actually deciding whether to tell her to cancel or to continue. But then, I changed the time to 2pm. I packed my stuff and realised, OMG!! Dad had threw away my Fila sports bag! -_-" So I anyhow took a bag and stuffed my towels, shorts, shampoo and stuff. Of course, not forgetting a notebook and my pencil case, cause Ling gonna teach me accounts later. Me never take accounts before. To me, credit = credit note and debit = debit note, like what I learnt in office. Haha!

This is the first time I'm exercising after a break of 1 year++++. The last time I exercised was when Feng was still with his old company. Which is like...many donkey years ago. Anyway, after my knee started giving me problems (sometimes it hurts till I can't walk properly and have to wear knee brace to work); and after many visits to polyclinics, doctors, tui na..they all told me the same thing: I've to stop wearing high heels. I've to rest more and walk less. OK..that's the end to my jogging session.

So "first time" working out!! Wearing my Nike sports shoes (last worn 1yr++++ ago), I went out to take a bus. I reached the bus stop around 1:40, meaning Ling not there yet. Took 2 ciggies and a can of milo before she reached, and by the time we started walking to the sports hall, I realised that the soles of my shoes are starting to come apart!! DIAOZ!!! How to run!! So I told my shoes to tolong sikit (please abit..slang) to tahan till I finish with the gym and go buy a pair of shoes at Hougang Mall. We went to the gym, we changed and started working out. Ling started with her warm ups, which I didn't do. I started on the jogging machine (not threading machine, it really looks and works like a jogging machine), spent about 10 - 15min on it (and was damn tired..too long never exercise); drank abit of water, spent 5 - 10min the rowing machine, walked around looking for empty machines (threading machines out, can't jog with my shoes condition), and started cycling (low one) for about 20 - 25min. And then, cool down!! Bathed and went Hougang Mall liaoz. that's like..45 - 50min of workout!! OMG!! Keke. I'm so proud of myself today.

Seriously, I hate exercising. Because of my skin condition, my doctor had warned me not to perspire, cause blotches of rashes will appear and my skin will start to itch. Last time I went jogging, I was scratching myself silly by end of 1km. I had to walk home and rest for 30min before my rashes starts to disappear. Heng today the rashes weren't that bad. They were slightly itchy around my legs and my arms only. But then, what made me do these leh? Ling asked me also, and my reply was that I'm fat. I need to slim down. I need inspiration of course!!

Wana turn from this (taken 2 weeks ago)...

to this!! (Stop Taken like 2 years+ ago)

And from this (taken last year on my birthday)

to this!! (taken when we just started dating 2yrs+ ago)

This is me, without exercising, and gorging myself with delicious food. I'm really tired. I'm tired of having to buy XL tee, just because the L tee fits just nice and SOMEONE said it's not nice. And I'm tired of me wearing short polo and my parents hits my tummy and calls me fat. I'm tired of breathing in hard so that I can fit into my Levi's jeans. I'm tired of throwing away clothes that I'd only worn once or twice, just because they can't fit now. I also came to realise that I'm fat. Met up with Terence and my evil twin last Fri for prata at my area. First thing both of them said to me was that I'm fat. @#$%. I'm sick of it. I'd already lost 2KG within these 2 weeks. Apparently it's not enough. I need to lose another 10kg. Slowly ba..cause one day, definitely if I persevere, I'll be back to my old self and be confident again...

I just need to exercise more......

to be this......

PS: Did I mention that I measured my height today and I can finally confirm loudly and proudly that I'm 170cm tall!! ^_^

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Aaron said...

Hmm you know Xueyu, its not just about exercising.

I always said (to people who asked lar), that there are 3 steps to losing weight.

1. Believe and tell yourself you can lose weight. Come on.. if you keep doing all these and then in the end you don't know if it works... then most likely its not going to. You're going to need the will power too, to stick with whatever plans you're going to ...

Put up a note and pin it up where you see it first thing in the morning. It helps.

2. Eating regular meals at regular times. Which means something like 6-9am Breakfast. 12-2pm Lunch. 6-8pm dinner. Stick to it everyday, until your stomach starts to growl at the stipulated times.

You can always snack in between. BUT only with vegetables, fruits or nuts. This is where most people go wrong because they don't prepare the food beforehand! You need to buy and prepare many fruits and salads in your fridge before you start dieting. Nuts are great 'on the go'

And yea, stop thinking of supper, fast food (unless its once a week or something to treat yourself).

3. Exercise. Start small, end big. Most important thing is to be consistent. Any sports you like? Badminton? Tennis? Real sports, not wii sports ya? Find someone to partner you and play it weekly.

If you're not up for jogging try swimming, start with once a week, then twice.. then 3 times a week..

But most importantly, find something to do and slowly up it to 5 times a week of at least 30 minutes of activity.

You can do it Xueyu. I know you can.

All the best,