Thursday, June 26, 2008

Of Me and "Ah Gong" - Past Crush

It was the first day of orientation. I was enrolled into my first choice; TP's IT/ICP (Information Technology / Internet Computing). I know one of my net friend was enrolled in the same course also. First day of ofirntation and I was told to go to TCC. I know my class is T11H, and was searching for the seats. This tall and lanky guy asked if I was from T11H, and I nodded my head. He told me to sit down and I sat on the seat nearest to the aisle.

I was staring into blank space, looking at the clock change every minute. One girl sat next to me and I realised it was my sec sch classmate, Peifen. We started chatting and more students started to pour in. Then I started noticing the OL (orientation leaders) running here and there. The tall and lanky guy apparently didn't bring his pen and was asking his friends for it. He sat down on the stairs next to me and he had quite a cute expression. LoL. I dug out for my pen and tapped him on the shoulders. I passed him my pen. He was surprised and told me that he'll return me later.

When we went back to our class, he gave me back my pen and introduced himself. His name: Weiqiang. As I had not 1, but 2 of my secondary school friends in my class, I wasn't shy or scared. Instead, I made friends with my classmates very fast and was rather noisy. Weiqiang wanted to push me to do alot of things cause I'm very noisy and seemed so onz (according to him). At the end of 5 days (orientation back then was 5 days, with the last day's morning doing social service work, followed by final bash with the other 3 schools - Engine, Design and Business, and party at night), we all exchanged ICQ numbers.

Funny thing was, me and Weiqiang chatted on the ICQ every night until past midnight. And everyday we still have new things to chat. I told Weiqiang that my class rep, Adrian, is my "papa", and Weiqiang told me that Adrian is his "son", which makes me his "grand daughter". He likes to call me grand dotter. LoL. Cause I always like to ... alot. He was attached then to a girl called Sabrina from Sch of Business. (OMG, I still can remember her name!!)

He's 1 year older than me and like any teenage relationship, his relationship with Sabrina didn't last long. And I realised I was looking forward to his daily chat on ICQ every night. And I realised I was beginning to fall for him...

Once, we happened to have the same break time. Back in those days, ITAS was ONE SCHOOL. I was in the canteen with my classmates studying when he came with his friends. I was at the jukebox (which is near where he was sitting =P), choosing a song to listen. He came and stood beside me and chose a song. If, by Daniel Chan. He told me a thank you and smile as he walk off. I chose another song and went up to him to demand for the money. He told me that's his favourite song and thanked me again. I boxed him and walked away. Inside I was smiling. When I walked back to my table, my friends were nudging me and laughing at me. From then on, I would dedicate the song If whenever I have extra cash for the jukebox..and whenever he's around. =]

To say he's a nice guy is an understatement. I mean, it would take a blind guy to see that I liked him. Or rather, even a blind guy can see also. But he didn't avoid me or push me away or whatever. On his 18th birthday (17th Sep), I gave him a bottle of 210 stars (which I used straws to fold). Supposedly to be 180 stars, to represent 18 years old..but then the bottle too big, so I folded another 30 stars. All in one night. By next day my fingers were too sore to write anything. He accepted the present and was actually shocked that he has present from me. Think I was sms-ing him the whole day asking him to meet me. LoL.

On my birthday the next year, he sms-ed me the whole day asking me to meet him. He told me that he's at the canteen and will be waiting for me there. I went there with my classmates and he walked over. But he sat at another table and asked me to join him. I went over and as usual, very attitude lor. So I asked him what he wants. He produced a box from behind and gave me a smile. He then wished me happy birthday and walked away. I was shocked and happy at the same time. I walked back and my classmates were making fun of me, saying why he didn't help me wear the necklace. Sadly I can't remember which necklace was the one he gave me.. =X

Once, I was at Adrian's house doing project with a couple of friends and I was sick. The previous night I was complaining to Weiqiang about my cough. And next day, he called me on my hp and told me to call him when I reach school. -_-" It was term break leh. And silly guy didn't have a hp. He only had pager. But he made me call his classmates, which I did. When I reached school, guess what he passed me? A packet of lozenges. Made me go all the way from Pasir Ris back to Tampines for this packet of sweets. -_-"" But it was a very sweet gesture. He even introduced me to some of his classmates on one occassion. Sometimes, when we chat too late into the night and I had to get up early the next day, I would ask him to give me morning call. He would set alarm clock to wake himself up to call me, and then go back to sleep. It's as if I'm his gf, yet not. I was confused..and fell deeper....

We still chatted from time to time, and back then I was only a social smoker. When I had to repeat my first year, he was the only one who told me it was normal. Asked me to study hard, but must remember to play hard too. And every year he'd either message me or call me to wish me a happy birthday (until recent years lor...hmph). When I was kicked out of school, I was actually wallowing in self pity. He was the first one (among all my friends) to scold me and wake me up. I was even willing to quit smoking for him back then. I held a torch on him for 3 years..and a couple of years later while chatting with him online, I asked if he would be interested in me. He told me I wasn't his cup of tea. That hurt. We still chatted online with each other though, telling each other about the people we are interested in or are with. It was a nice feeling knowing he'll always be there to scold me and lead me back the right route.

On my 21st birthday, the actual day, he asked if I would be home that night. I told him I will be. He asked for my address and came down to pass me my birthday present: a bottle of Davidoff Cool Water perfume. He was dressed in army no. 4 and wearing slippers. He drove down. So I asked if he came all the way to pass me this. He told me he bought the present a few weeks ago, so came by to pass it to me since it was my birthday. *Melt* After chatting for awhile (cause he have not eaten yet and his parents were waiting at home for him), he went home. By then, my feelings for him had already diminished. I mean..3 years+, it's enough.

When I was 22 or 23, I asked him one day while chatting online if he knew that I used to like him. He told me ya, only a fool will not know. *Blush* He said, my moves were too obvious, especially his 18th birthday present, which I spent alot of time and effort to do. And everytime he plays basketball, I'll be nagging at him since he has knee injury. He felt it. But like he said before, I'm not his cup of tea. Argh!!!!! Paiseh man!! LoL. But we still remain as friends, even up till today. He doesn't message me anymore because he's busy. We chatted alot when he was in Aust though. I didn't send him off..cause it's just his family. It would be too awkward. Every year I would send him Christmas card though. I had his house number cause my house used to have caller ID, and since his surname was rather unique, it wasn't difficult to check out his address from yellow pages. It took me about 30 - 45 min only to find out where he lived. The first time I sent him the card, he sms-ed me and told me that the postal card was wrong. -_-" He's out to make me paiseh..I swear. I missed a friend that is.....wonder when he is getting married......oui krukawa, I miss you leh! When wana meet for kopi?!?!?!

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