Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home From Operation Loh!

This morning I woke up at 6am and left home at 7am for my teeth extraction operation. On the way there, I burst out crying cause I was freaking out when Feng told me that they will inject a metel needle into my hand first before pulling it out and inserting the plastic needle. Was crying and crying. Thanks dear for waking up so early to give me a call. Anyway, cooled down after awhile, and I even asked my parents if I can bring my soft toy up. Not childish lah, just very freaked out. Was hyperventilating when I was called into the ward cause I thought they were going to administer the GA there and then.

After registering and all, I guess it's almost 8am le ba. I don't really know cause I wasn't wearing my watch. Had to take weight, take blood pressure (127/57) and was told to take off everything except underwear and change into the operating robe and their slippers. I took the chance to shit! =P This ish my bed number: 5!! Bed look very small hor?

Anyway, I took off my glasses, mom and dad came in, help keep my glasses, and then the anesthetist came. He told me he's Dr Su. Damn cute looking leh. He asked me if I'm allergic to anything and I told him needles. LoL.

Was supposed to do the plug insertion on my bed, but then doctor come liao and I was making so much noise. Think the nurses there are worried I'll frighten other patients, so asked Dr Su to bring me in to do it. I went in, and it looked like the operating theatres in movies lor, except with lesser metal around the walls. But then wasn't looking much cause I couldn't see w/o my specs. Dr Su was very gentle and kept assuring me that it won't hurt. PTUI LOR!!! It's pain de. I was like "ouch ouch" and the other doctor was like, where pain? I pointed to my left hand. Dr Su was laughing and telling the doctor that I'm scared of needles. Right hand they took my BP again (120/56 I think) and left hand they inserted the plug.

And then...MY DOCTOR came in!! He was smiling and greeting everyone good morning. OK, without glasses he still looks cute. With that dimple and all. He pat me on my shoulders and asked if I'm ok. I told him my lef hand is hurting and I think i heard Dr Su telling me that he's giving me the medicine to make me sleep. I remembered asking him how long would it take me to sleep, and he told me soon. The other doctor (old man) gave me an oxygen mask (can't exhale at all!!) and Dr Su told me to take deep breath. Then I heard my doctor greeting someone else good morning and I remembered trying to stay awake. But that was the last I remembered. I don't even remembered closing my eyes or whatever. If this is what it feels like to be dead, it's scary. You just go into darkness. *Snap fingers* Just like that.

I have no idea what happened but I remembered waking up feeling cold and my throat has alot of phlegm. I kept coughing and coughing. And my BP was taken again. Every few minutes interval the stupid machine kept crushing my right arm. Dr Su then came out and asked if I was ok, do I feel like vomitting or anything. Through my mumbling, he could actually understand me. *Salute* I wasn't mumbling words somemore. Next thing I know, I was pushed out of the operating theatre and pushed to my ward. I felt if I had too much to drink and I could only rest my head in one position. Whenever I try to shift my head, it feels as though the room was spinning a little. Still groggy I guess.

Me is so proud of myself!! I went through the whole operation! Heng I couldn't feel the drip they had given me nor was it around when I had woken up. Oh, I was given IV drip. I have no idea for what. Parents came in, asked how I was. I told them pain and they thought it was my gums hurting since the LA had worn off. I told them it was actually the plug that's hurting me. Gums, still bearable. I just wana get the stupid thing off my hand!

By 11am, the nurse asked if I was ok enough to change or I told her I'm ok. She took my BP, asked if I'm feeling giddy or feel like vomitting. After that, I was sent to the toilet to change back into my clothes. Oh yah, you see the picture above? I believe one of these pipes were inserted through my nose into my throat. Thank God I was asleep. Yah, Dr Su told me after putting plug, he'll give me GA, then drip and then a pipe will be inserted into my throat via my nose to facilitate my breathing. Can't believe I'm that brave to go through all these..I must be damn crazy.

I was so paiseh cause I actually dripped alot of blood on my bed and one of the nurses had to get clean sheets to cover the blood so I could rest properly. Thank you nurse!! The nurses and doctors from NDC today are all very nice to me lor. Assuring me, giving me confidence and all.

The nurse helped me clean up the blood (by cleaning the saliva on my mouth with her hands!) and putting them into the plastic bag. The red drink is actually ribena blackcurrent. Didn't drink finish though. Yes I can drink! I told the nurse my left hand hurting (they must think it's funny how come gums not hurting but hand hurting) and she took out the plug. DAMN!!! It's painful lah!!! @#$%^& After that, I was told to wait for the doctor. I could be discharged at 1130 (I was ready to go by 11) but doctor was busy and we waited until 12+. My doctor (daddy says his name is Eugene) told me it's pretty successful, the nerves were untouched and my original teeth are all intact. The only worry is the swelling of my tongue. After that I went home le. Was told to go back next week to remove my stitches. YEAH!! The ordeal is over!!

See how bloody big my teeth is? The one on the extreme left is the teeth on the top right. Damn small and cute. The middle one was the teeth Dr Eugene had to break in order to take out. The the one on the right..KNN..1.5cm lor! I'm given 8 days MC (for what?) and was told not to take hot food these few days. I'm not allowed to spit or gargle for today and have to swallow my saliva, even if it contained blood. -_-"

Came home, drifted in and out of sleep while my parents went out to search for my receipts, authorization forms and appointment card (which my mom dropped when she went to buy me tau huay) cause it has all my details including my house address. And now I CAN'T SLEEP! Now can slim down liao..kekekekekek..I don't believe after eating 5 - 8 days of porridge I won't slim down lor........having this op is so much better than having it at my familiy dentist. The pain is so minimal (except for the drip and the pipe...the pipe is causing my throat to have phlegm and runny nose) and I can even mumble and smile a little.

To all the doctors and nurses who attended to me today (7:30am operation @ NDC lv 3, bed 5), thank you for making this operation a successful and somewhat painless one. You guys made me feel better by assuring me and all. THANK YOU!! See you guys on Tuesday!!

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