Saturday, August 2, 2008

Free One Year Supply of Make Up!

Hey how would you female readers like to have free supply of makeup for a year? OK ok..not really free supply lah, more like fixed quantities of blusher, lipstick etc. You see this link? Click on it or click on the banner on the right under adverts.

I know I don't wear make up, but by clicking on these links, you're giving me a bigger chance to win these..and who knows, I will give them to you if you ask ever so nicely. LoL. So help me to help you too ok? If I win, I'll put those that I don't use (eg. mascara, brow pencil, eye liner etc) for giveaway okies? Guys, click to get for your gf lor..imagine how much you're saving...keke!

Click now to get the following:

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