Friday, July 11, 2008

Lousy Knee Problem

My knee's giving me problem again. And this time, it's seious until even my mom asked me to go get a referral letter from Polyclinic. Well..just now went gym somemore. When walking on the jogging machine, walk 3min nia my knee wanted to give way. Huiling was telling me to walk slower. But I kept increasing until it reaches 6.2. Dotz. I'm very stubborn. LoL.

After walking for 20min, we started to row. But because of the repeatingly motion of bending my knees, I felt sharp pain and stopped after 2min. I really wana give up liaoz. Went over to cycle for >20min..knee was giving me a sharp pain...dotz.

I was dragging myself home today. I just hope..tomorrow, whatever it is, hopefully can be cured by eating some glucosamine or something. I don't like needles..dun want anything to poke into me. Guess cannot meet up with Suefong when not wearing proper shoes. LoL. Last Friday we went East Coast and walked for 1.5hrs+ w/o stopping. LoL. Walked too much liaoz. *Sigh*

Just now mom was helping me apply those muscle ache cream..but it doesn't seem to help. It's been hurting these few days till I can't sleep well. Oh I mentioned to Feng, I don't need my left leg to drive. Therefore, I can still go out! Tml Friday le!! Yeah!! I yeah what huh? LoL..everyday's a Friday to me. But then.....Fri le! Can jio friends go out play le!! YEAH!!!

PS: On behalf of SF, I would like to thank all those who made the time to go down to the funeral on Sunday and Monday. Of course, those on Tuesday as well (well I duno who went..coz I didn't). And those who couldn't make it but made an effort to send their condolences to her and the pek kim money. Thank you guys. Please do not think she's a strong girl..she's still human afterall. Please help me look after her when she's out with you guys. Thank you once again!!
PPS: Meirong says I'm a very nice friend. LoL. Not everyone deserve this kind of treatment from me. I'd given everyone the same chance. Some..more chances to prove that they're worthy of my friendship. Well..some failed..even after repeatedly hinting. Nvm..not worth lor. They don't need me, I don't need them. I only befriend those who needs me..somemore sue had done alot for me to deserve all these. Don't worry Ling, me will lub u deep deep also. As well as Erin. These are the only girls in my black little book...the rest, normal friends lor. Gotta sleep...going to polyclinic tml!!

*sings to the tune of we're going to the zoo*
I'm going to the doc doc doc, what to do do do. I'm so scared scared scared, so scared of the jab jab jab..

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